Sunday, August 19, 2018

Wednesday August 19, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Petite Riviere - cool and cloudy, clearing later.

I got up early, around 8 am but everyone else slept in. The morning was peaceful, you could hear the ocean waves on the rocky beach in one direction and cows mooing in the other. We watched the loons out on the water. This is such a nice spot. The cabin was built in several stages as the family expanded. It's funny carpentry and not well laid out, but it's comfortable.

I hung around until 2 in the afternoon and then headed out to the ferry terminal in North Sydney. I stopped to withdraw cashe and buy dog food and gas, but otherwise drove straight through. I boarded the ferry to Port aux Basques just before midnight.

Yohan had to stay in the truck but I had booked a berth in a dormitory, which was a large room with 50 or so bunk beds. Each bunk had a narrow vinyl covered mattress, a pillow and a small grey wool blanket. I used my down sleeping bag and went right to sleep after trading bunks with a woman whose family was spread around the dormitory in several bunks.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tuesday August 18, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Petite Riviere - cool and cloudy.

We all slept in until the vegetable lady came at 11.30 am. She delivers fresh veggies, preserves and baked goods to the local cottages every Tuesday. I spent the day making oat cakes, vegetable buns, rice and veggies for my next upcoming trip to Newfoundland. Carolyn rented two movies that have seen before but liked: Mother and Rainmaker. We went to the Green Bay canteen for a supper of Digby clams and fish and chips. We were going to walk but the dogs were following us so we ended up driving. Carolyn's sister's cat Buttons showed up, her sister had forgotten to take the cat home with her. I fed the cat some of Yohan's food. I tried to call Sam again but I was 15 minutes too late, he had already left for Katimavik.

Today was the most rain Nova Scotia has gotten since the spring, almost an inch fell.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Monday August 17, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Petite Riviere - sunny hot and humid, then clouding over and raining.

The plan is to go spend some time on the South Shore at Carolyn's family's cottage, but first I have to get the oxygen sensor installed at Kelly's. I took the truck in early and went across the road to have breakfast at Stirling's while I waited. Sometime after 9 am the job was completed but shortly after driving away the Check Engine light came on again so I drove back to the garage. This time they said it was a manifold air temperature sensor, and nobody around had one available. So I drove back to Fritz and Carolyn's and started phoning around to see if the part I needed was available in Halifax. There was one at a dealership on Bedford Highway. I drove to Halifax, got the part for $50, and then set out to Bridgewater in hopes that I could find someone who could install it there.

In Bridgewater I drove across town to a GM dealership, but they sent me back to Bob's Shell, who in turn sent me to Jerry's Petrocan on the same road as the GM dealership. Fortunately Jerry was not busy and could install the sensor. He charged me $8.

With that taken care of I headed to Petite Riviere and the cabin on Green Bay. I think I arrived there around 2 pm. Carolyn was already there and we just spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the deck or walking on the beach. We had pitas and beer for lunch. Later we walked into the Petite general store with the dogs to get a movie. On the way back it started to rain. We had a late supper, pork chops, veggies and salad, and watched the movie. I forget what it was called but it was sappy. I tried phoning Sam but he wasn't home so I went to bed. It was still raining.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sunday August 16, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - humid, sunny and hot.

In the morning I had breakfast with Mel and we chatted. On my way back to the Valley I stopped for gas and saw that my gas mileage was way down. When I got back to the Valley I stopped at Kelly's Irving in Grand Pré and arranged to bring the truck in first thing Monday for a new oxygen sensor. Got back to Fritz and Carolyn's, did some laundry and packing, and watched a video, Eve's Bayou and then parts of a second video, Bonfire of the Vanities. They were both good. Carolyn went to a concert with her sister and I took Yohan for a walk on the dikes. Later, like around midnight, we visited Carolyn's sister and her husband for a brandy. They live in Harry How's old place, just down the road from my old place.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Saturday August 15, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Halifax - humid, sunny and hot.

More puttering. I bought dogfood at Cornwallis Vets in Kentville and drove back through New Minas. Carolyn and I had a late lunch at the Ivy Deck Bistro. It was very good--chicken panini and salad and cheesecake—but it left me still hungry.

I drove to Halifax to visit a friend, Mel. Mel is restoring her several-hundred-year-old house in downtown Halifax. While she finished sanding her floor and cleaning up I wandered around Barrington and Spring Garden Road. We went for beer and pub food for supper at a place on Spring Garden Road, then met a friend of hers at another pub. We walked there and back, getting back to Mel's place just after midnight. I stayed over, having left Yohan in Wolfville.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Friday August 14, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - humid, sunny and warm.

I was supposed to meet a friend, Carol for coffee in the morning but we didn't really connect till 12.45 pm. I sat around with her for awhile at the Coffee Merchant and then I puttered through the afternoon. I was going to go up on the North Mountain but I got an email from Sam about money problems that I thought I should phone him about.

Wolfville reservoir
Took Yohan for a walk around the Reservoir, then into town via the dikes. He's doing pretty well.

In the evening I went with Carolyn back to the Coffee Merchant to hear a group of women who were singing there.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Thursday August 13, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - sunny and cool.

I booked some time on the public library computer for 11.00 am and then went for a drive just because I was feeling restless. I booked a ferry trip to Newfoundland for next week, August 19, and returning on August 27. I had thought I would go to Port aux Basques and return from Argentia, with the intention of visiting both the west coast and St. John's. But a friend advised me to just do one or the other and his opinion was to skip St. John's. So I booked the return trip out of Port aux Basques with the intention of just staying on the west coast of Newfoundland. And it seems like it is a lot easier to change a ferry booking here than on the west coast, so I could return earlier if I wanted to.

I drove down to the South Shore to visit Peter and Barbara who live just outside of Mahone Bay. They weren't home but instead there was a young fellow with no hair and a nose ring who said that Barbara was at work at the Lunenburg Public Library. I drove down toward Lunenburg but turned off just before at Second Peninsula. About 3.5 km in there is a provincial picnic park, with a stoney beach and picnic tables in the woods. There was only one other car there. I decided to stop awhile and ended up spending several hours there: tidying the truck, having a cup of tea, sitting on the beach, lying in the grass. Made me realize how much I like being on the road, camping in the woods.

Around 5 pm I left the picnic park and continued down the peninsula road. I saw Peter on his bike. I stopped and met him at the beach that Barbara and I had spent time at the last time I visited them, a few years ago. We chatted and went for a swim, he invited me back to their house for supper. Peter biked home and I drove, but I stopped in Mahone Bay to buy dogfood. We ended up arriving at their house at the same time. Barbara arrived home from work a little while later. We drank beer and ate a nice supper and reminisced about the old days living in the Valley. I left their place sometime after 10 pm and drove back to Wolfville.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wednesday August 12, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - cool and wet.

It rained all night and was cool, cloudy and windy all day. I visited Ladny and JP again and then went to Stirlings for lunch with Lin. Marge and Ralph are gone but the place is the same, even the same menu. After lunch we went back to Lin's place in Gaspereau and listened to a hilarious recorded conversation on their answering machine, between Peter and his boss Helen at CBC. Aunah came by with her son Alex. Lin's kids Ariel and Yvan are tall and skinny.

Got caught up on lots of gossip: Kate's death, Bob and Carmen's split-up, etc. Lin said not much has changed, which is probably true. In some ways I haven't changed either, I feel thrown back into old feelings I thought I had left behind when I left here. But no, they are still there, waiting under the surface. But I think my view of the place has changed.

In the evening Carolyn and I played scrabble with another friend, Karen, who came to visit. Fritz and I talked about the old days and about Heather Holmes thesis' about alternative community based on interviews she did with Wenega members.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tuesday August 11, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - cloudy, hot and windy.

I phoned a couple of friends, Judy and Ladny. I went over to visit Ladny and JP for a bit and then went for a beer with Judy. She filled me in on her brother's adventures in Victoria BC. I called another friend Lin and arranged to meet her tomorrow. She told me that a mutual friend Gaby is now living in Castlegar.

Towards evening it started to rain and the temperature dropped noticeably.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Monday August 10, 1998 - Nova Scotia

Wolfville - sunny and hot.

Today I was downtown and met a few people I remembered from when I used to live here. I took the truck to Kelly's Garage in Grand Pré to get an oil change to check out a vibration in the truck since I left Edmonton. It turns out that one of the front tires was shredding. I bought a new tire down the road at Avon Discount Tires and they put it on at Kelly's. It seemed like it took hours, it probably did. Yohan and I just sat there, too hot to move. I forgot his water bowl there and when I went back at 6.00 pm to see if it was still there, they met me at the door with it.