Sunday, February 17, 2008

And now rain

It's raining, raining....

Toronto is getting a storm from Texas now. If you watched the satellite images over the last couple of days, you could see it forming in Texas and moving north into Canada. It is supposed to be mostly freezing rain and rain around here, snow further north. I am hoping it will melt some snow.

In preparation the city is trying to clear some of the snow from side streets and we have snow removal equipment working on our street now, the piles of snow in combination with the rain is going to be a huge mess.

The "foggy" marks on these pictures are due to taking the pictures through the plastic on my windows.

This morning Gretel and Isaac and Tristan and neighbour Olivia built a snow pirate ship in the front yard.

This is Olivia "manning" the ship. If you can't make it out, there is a skull and crossbones and the words "Beware of Pirates" painted on the snow.

Another view of the snow pirate ship.

We'll see what's left of it tomorrow after the rainstorm has passed through.

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