Friday, February 15, 2008

Blogs I read

My daily routine is getting a little out of hand these days, I spend more and more time reading blogs. Over the past month or so I have built up a list of blogs I like to check in on first thing in the morning. I frequently spend the whole morning doing that! Not a good habit to expand on. I am especially susceptible to blogs that have long lists of links to favourite blogs, I end up following links long past the large cup of coffee I take to the computer with me.

I have a few categories of blogs. First is my Elderbloggers, bloggers of a certain age. The Queen of Elderbloggers is Ronni Bennett at As Time Goes By. She writes almost every day, from Portland Maine. The next two are Dr. Bill Thomas at Changing Aging and Steven at Projections, also regular bloggers. Serene Ambition is a group blog of "boomers in transition".

The next category is what I call Ecobloggers, people who blog on some kind of sustainability or environmental theme. No Impact Man is a good one. This is a fellow in NYC who spent a year living in a way that would not impact negatively on our environment, all in an urban apartment with a wife and child. That year was pretty extreme and it ended some time in the fall, now he blogs about related issues and ideas. He has removed his archive of old posts and since he says he is working on a book I think that might be why. Which is too bad, some of the discussions that happened during his No Impact year were really quite interesting, some were hilarious (like the long discussion of no-impact alternatives to toilet paper).

Also in the Ecoblogger category, Little Blog in the Big Woods occasionally has some interesting stuff.

The Eco-Tour of North America is in hiatus now but is a fascinating read (with lots of pictures) of one Ontario man's tour of North American ecovillages since 2005. He did this tour driving a camper truck powered by veggie oil or diesel. He was not always able to get veggie oil so especially toward the end he used a lot of diesel I think. I met him in Tennessee at the The Farm in the summer of 2006, so I feel I have a personal connection to that blog. This past fall he also visited some ecovillages in Ontario and western Canada, that was interesting to read about too.

I have one blog in the food category, Pioneer Woman Cooks. Lots of photos of culinary delights, beware!

I have several in the knitting blog category, the chiefest being Yarn Harlot, a Toronto knitter, blogger and writer. A must-read if you knit. Or even if you don't. A couple of other interesting knitting blogs are Mason-Dixon Knitting and I'm Knitting As Fast As I Can.

Then there's my Mixed Bag category. I like Shorpy, "the hundred-year-old photo blog", The Vanity Press, a Canadian political commentator, and Web Teacher, a mixed bag of web-related stuff. There's What's In Rebecca's Pocket, Ran Prieur, and WanderingStan. I like Roundtop Ruminations for photos, and Garrison Keillor for daily poems. Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie is a unique look at a blogging subculture I wouldn't have guessed at, taxi drivers. I've just added Eclectic Closet for its book reviews and long list of yet more blogs, especially knitting blogs.

Finally there's A Pithy Mood. This blog appears to have ended, but it was written by a Vancouver woman who is an amazing writer and photographer. She also has a photography blog. I wish she would write more, some of her posts are just priceless.

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