Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fire and ice in the City

There's a big fire on Queen Street West today, near Bathurst. They have diverted all the TTC streetcars in the vicinity, and moved in buses as temporary shelter for now homeless residents. Many businesses destroyed, one, Duke's Cycle, having been there almost a hundred years. This is not far from where I live, I was walking along that stretch of Queen Street on Saturday. I am however relieved that Romni Wool is not involved in the fire.

I am reading a good book, Consolation by Michael Redhill. Toronto Public Library has a program called Keep Toronto Reading: One Book in the month of February, and this is the first book for the program. It is an historical novel set in Toronto, partly in the 1850s and partly in the 1990s. I have to say I am enjoying this book better than I did Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion, somehow less pretentious, more intimate, more like the Toronto I know. It's just a good read.

In its ongoing effort to clear the streets of ice and snow, the City sent machinery to our street at three o'clock in the morning to scrape ice off the centre of the road and pile it up around my truck. On Monday I spent time digging my truck out and now I am iced in again. This time it is going to be harder to dig out. Loose snow I could throw in the road to melt, but large chunks of ice are a driving hazard and there is absolutely no other place to put them. I just made an appointment to take the truck into a garage tomorrow morning, I have my shift at the foodbank this afternoon and my writing class in the evening so I have no idea how or when I am going to get the truck out. Very frustrating.

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Artemisa's Granddaughter said...

Anne, you have such an active, productive life in that cold place. I love reading about it. Cheers!