Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knitting chronicles

I finished one hand warmer and am very pleased with it so am working "feverishly" to finish the second one. It's almost done, I only have the thumb to complete. Pictures later.

On Saturday I was in a funk, feeling very "trapped" by the city and the frozen truck and the snow. I got out a map to see where I could walk to and was discouraged by the great distances to parks and ravines other than High Park. But I had to get out so just set out down Dundas Street to Trinity Bellwoods Park. Eventually I ended up at Romni Wool and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon there. First browsing in the book section and then in the basement remnant sales. Sigh, if I was rich I'd buy up a cartload of Romni Wool.

I ended up with two books and a kind of pamphlet. The books are the Harmony Guides Volume 3: 440 More Knitting Stitches and The Big Book of Knitting. The Harmony Guides to knitting stitches are amazing, I am looking forward to getting more of them (there are at least five volumes of knitting stitches, one of techniques, and two more related to crocheting). The Big Book covers techniques and tools and provides a few basic patterns and stitches. Lots of colour pictures.

The pamphlet is The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements. This tells you how much yarn you need, approximately, for different projects, depending on stitch gauge and project size. The stitch gauge is also related to type of yarn and needle size in another table. Pretty darn handy!

Good ol' shopping therapy, I feel so much better now!

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