Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yet more snow

Boy did it snow yesterday! I shovelled the sidewalk around our place and halfway down the block twice and Gretel did our place again before bedtime, and it was still coming down. I heard that it was only 20 cm, but I think we got more than that.

Here's another picture of my truck. The snowpiles in front and behind are half ice and half snow.

Gretel is not biking to work, her bike is snowed in for now.

The street is looking very picturesque under the snow. I'm impressed by the 8-foot pile of snow in this picture, somebody was very busy yesterday and this morning. Strictly speaking, it's illegal to put snow in the street, so this is 8 feet of lawbreaking. But these people have absolutely nowhere else to put it, the front of their building is entirely driveway. They have managed to clear it right down to bare concrete.

Isaac and Gretel are getting a puppy this coming weekend from Gretel's Dad. Her Dad's dog Maggie actually. Her Dad offered to take Bunny back to PEI to live out her remaining days on the farm but I said I'd miss her so we decided to try moving her upstairs with me. We just thought that it would make things easier all round not to have Bunny and the new puppy living together.

So last night we moved her upstairs, setting up her hutch and water bottle and food bowl in my pantry cupboard.

She's been exploring the rest of the apartment from there. She's much more mobile here because I have carpets and she can get some purchase for hopping. Downstairs there are no carpets and the floors are slippery for her. I think that is why she is chubby, she doesn't get enough exercise. I have to keep an eye on her though, bunnies are notorious for chewing on electric cords.

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