Monday, February 11, 2008

Young visitors

I had visits from both Tristan and Phelan at different times over the weekend.

Phelan likes to come up here to explore and look for "trouble", things he can do that might evoke a reaction. So far he has tried playing with the buttons on the electric space heater or the air purifier and banging the strings on the banjo, nothing too dangerous as long as an adult is present. I used to have a box of toy tools for him but they went back downstairs one day to keep him away from the real tools when Gretel was doing some carpentry. This weekend I got a new box of toys, the Thomas the Train tracks and trains. We'll see how popular that is.

On Sunday I had Phelan practicing jumping, his balance is not quite there so sometimes he falls down when he jumps. He likes it though. So we jumped, and sang the bus song ("the wheels on the bus go round and round...") until we both got bored with it all and I escorted him downstairs again.

He's OK coming up the stairs, but very scary going down. Gretel's trying to get him to go down backwards but he prefers the much riskier face forward upright position that bigger people use.

Tristan came up here to do a puzzle without Phelan's interference. I gave him a book of pirate puzzles for his birthday last fall, there are four puzzles with 32 pieces each in a hardboard book. I've been showing him "the system": first you find the corners, then the edges, then the inside pieces. And you check each piece against the little picture of how the puzzle is supposed to end up. I think he's getting it, he managed to do most of one puzzle by himself. We've done three of the four puzzles, by the time he finishes the last one he'll be ready to tackle larger puzzles on his own I think.

In discussion with Gretel we decided it would be better to give Tristan the scarf that looks like his brother's scarf because it is 75% acrylic and therefore easier to throw in the washing machine. So I finished that one up and presented it to Tristan and he was happy with it. I'll finish the other one which is pure wool for myself.

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