Saturday, March 22, 2008

It may be cold but at least it's sunny

On Friday I went cycling along the waterfront. Well, sort of. There were long sections where I had to walk because the snow was too deep.

Somebody commented on me walking through the snow with my bike, "Good to get the bike out, eh?" And I said "Sure is, even if I have to walk it!" Which it was. Good I mean.

The Whistling Swans are gone, I guess they have returned to the Arctic now that it is spring.

The Mute Swans were doing a lot of flying, wish I could have caught one on camera. They are so huge, it's amazing to see them in the air. Saw one with his tail up in the air and the rest of him underwater, like a two-foot high white buoy.

I got some pictures of the Oldsquaws (now isn't that a lovely name for such a beautiful bird?), but not of the Buffleheads or Mergansers, which are still here but keeping their distance.

And I got some pictures of a mystery bird that looked a lot like the Western Grebe but smaller. And sure enough, I looked it up and it is the Horned Grebe, about half the size of the Western Grebe.

This fellow was diving for fish, I watched him gobble down one that he caught. He saw me watching him and hung around for awhile to see what I would do. Eventually I got bored of watching him watching me.

This picture is an amalgam of three pictures I took of this bird.

Saturday morning we took Dobby for a walk in the off leash area of High Park.

The off leash area is huge and consists of several trails through the woods as well as an open area on a hillside near the allotment gardens.

The trails were quite icy.

Tristan has recently learned to whistle, I took a couple of pictures of him and his mother whistling.

And Phelan, the little guy on his Mom's shoulders, is the Birthday Boy today.
He is Two.

Happy Birthday Phelan!

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