Monday, March 3, 2008

Knit rip and knit

Jeff Healey died yesterday, he was only 41. What a great musician, what a loss. First Oscar Peterson, now Jeff Healey.

I was on Queen St the other day looking at the damage done by the fire. They've torn down the buildings destroyed by fire but because they are still cleaning up the site the street is blocked to traffic (except for streetcars). Lots of people walking by though, many with cameras aimed. You can still smell the burned smoky odour.

Laying low these days though. Mostly knitting.

I finished one narrow strip of my mother's bedspread/afghan and tore out one wide strip. Big decision that, one wide strip represents at least a year's work. But it was the first strip I did after Mum died, and I followed the instructions using 4.00mm needles as called for. What I didn't realize was that my mother was an incredibly tight knitter and that strip came out much looser and wider than the one she had completed.

The second strip I did using smaller needles, but still nowhere near as tight as Mum's. When I laid the completed strips out on the floor I realized that even though the strips I did using smaller needles were still larger and looser than Mum's, I could live with the difference, but not so the first strip. So I tore it out. In less than 20 minutes I ripped out a year's work.

I've restarted that strip, so far I have one inch done. It takes me about 45 minutes to do one inch, and the total length has to be around 85 inches I think.

Oh well, what's time when you're knitting?

The other thing I'm working on is a sock. Another old project. This one I started from yarn I found in Mum's stash, a very pretty multi-shaded denim wool. I started this one years ago, as something to do when I was bored with the afghan and to learn to knit a sock.

I thought I would add in a bit of pink yarn to reinforce the heel, but this week I decided that that was a mistake so on a ripping roll from the afghan strip I ripped that out as well. Probably just as well, that extra bit of yarn made the heel very stiff and difficult to knit, probably the reason why this sock has been years in the making.

I'm now turning the heel so I may actually get it done this year. Ha ha.

Something I did finish though is the wrist warmers. After multiple rippings I finally got it right, or as close to right as I can live with.

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