Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A putative naturopathic cure for what ails me

I went to the naturopathic clinic at Parkdale Community Health Centre on Tuesday. In December I had gone to the PCHC to find out about seeing a doctor there and they told me that they would not be accepting new patients until February and in February I went back and signed up and eventually I got a call from them to attend an orientation session which happened Monday.

At the orientation the woman leading it mentioned this naturopathic clinic that happens there every Tuesday, staffed by naturopathy students. So I put my name on the list for it, partly out of curiosity and partly to get an alternative opinion on this seemingly unending series of colds and upper respiratory ailments I've had this winter. And Tuesday morning they called and asked if I was available later in the day.

So off I went. Sat there for an hour describing in gory detail all the colds I've had this winter. Felt kind of silly, after all it's only a cold. However she dutifully noted all my symptoms, discussed them with her supervisor and came back with a bottle of murky liquid and a list of additional medications I should buy.

I'm to take 3 teaspoons of the murky liquid every day, 6 grams of vitamin C a day in 1000mg doses every couple of hours, and another medication that I will have to find in a health food store. And I'm to run a vaporizer at home, the theory being that coming from the moist climate of Vancouver to the cold winter dryness of Toronto, my mucus membranes are suffering and vulnerable to infection. As good a theory as any.

Other than that, it was a cold wet day. Well, cold by Vancouver standards and wet by Toronto standards. Isaac and I went for lunch at the Rustic Cosmo on Queen West, across from the PCHC. They make really good home fries. Actually all the food was good, but the home fries especially. Isaac had the Brunch Burrito and I would have too except I was planning on having a burrito for dinner so I had a sandwich and salad instead, and picked at the really good home fries on Isaac's plate. All good.

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