Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday afternoon, bare pavement

Warm sunny day, everything melting! The sound of running water everywhere under the piles of snow.

Today I can see bare pavement under two of the four wheels of my truck. My truck is half-sitting on bare pavement! Yay! Isaac says we are on the wrong side of the street, over the next month or so we get to see the lawns on the other side of the street emerge from under the snow, turn green and even sprout flowers, while our side stills sits under umpteen feet of snow.

A friend in Vancouver wrote to tell me they have daffodils. I wrote back "What's a daffodil?" Isaac says whenever he gets one of those flowers-in-Vancouver emails he replies, "Yes, and can you see the sun?"

Isaac had the doors open to let some fresh air in. The furnace was off all day. I'm thinking of taking the plastic off the bedroom window so I can open it at night because it is getting too warm to sleep. All good signs of weather moving in the right direction.

I have yet another cold, in an unending string of them. Bad cold but fortunately not the 'flu. I went down to Queen Street to find a drugstore that carries decongestant. These days a plain decongestant is hard to find, they are all contained in combination "cold and flu" drugs. But I just wanted a decongestant. I understand that they stopped putting plain decongestants on the shelves for two reasons, one being that a strong decongestant can cause heart problems if one is susceptible and the other being that the decongestant drug pseudoephedrine is used by some as the base for making illegal methamphetamine drugs. So most drugstores now keep decongestants behind the counter, you have to ask for them, and the really strong ones (e.g., 120mg pseudoephedrine) just aren't available at all. Which is fine, I used to like the strong stuff but these days it seems a bit too strong for me, I am happy to settle for 60mg or even 30mg. But I don't want all that other stuff they put in (antihistamines, NSAIDs and cough suppressants).

Anyway, I went into this one drugstore and after checking the shelves waited to talk to the pharmacist. Who was talking to a hunched over older woman who had a problem with some medication she had previously purchased, and then with how it was rung up on the cash register. The pharmacist was trying to explain and answer her questions. It went on and on and on, and just as it looked like the pharmacist had finally answered all of her questions, she came up with yet another question. The pharmacist patiently answered each question, while I tried to be patient too. Finally finally the woman asked a question that the pharmacist could legitimately pass off to another drugstore employee and then she immediately moved on to me.

I asked for a decongestant that didn't have all "that other stuff", waving my arm vaguely in the direction of the shelf of cold and flu remedies. She got this very serious look on her face and asked me if I suffered from high blood pressure. I said No. She then turned to look at the shelf behind her. Now, while I was patiently waiting my turn I also had scanned that shelf and had seen a decongestant there that I recognized, Eltor 120mg. Wow, the strong stuff! Turns out that's the only one they carried. I hadn't seen that stuff in years, I was sure it had been discontinued. But, no it hadn't and it was the only decongestant they had so I got to buy it. I will have to cut it in half to take it since I no longer have the tolerance for that high a dose, but I know it works well. I am so pleased with myself for finding it.

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