Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So many things, so little time...

Isaac and I went to The Local pub on Roncesvalles last night for their Bluegrass Monday night. It starts at 8.30pm but last time we went at 8.30 there were no tables or seats left so this time we went early and got a table close to the little stage at the back. Really glad we went, I so enjoyed the music. I asked a fellow sitting near us what the band's name was and apparently they are "between names", he thought they might now be called The Hamstrung Stringband. Whatever their name, I really enjoyed them. The woman vocalist was terrific, so was the banjo/mandolin player, and the fiddler and the guitar player... the bass player also played steel guitar but sadly we didn't hear a lot of that. We left in the middle of their second set because Isaac has to get up early for work and I didn't want to walk home alone late at night. Am glad I went at all though.

Isaac tells me that Toronto doesn't really get spring, it goes straight from winter into summer. Or, spring is what we have now, old snow on the ground, mud on the warmer days, and trees that look like they are ready to burst into leafery. He says in a matter of weeks we will see it go from subzero to plus 27. He promises flowers, double digit temperatures and no snow in less than a month. I'll just have to take his word for it. I'm used to a spring that starts in February and meanders along until June in Vancouver. Followed by a brief summer, an even briefer autumn and winter rain starting again in October.

I am also starting to think about my plans for after winter. I am getting antsy to travel, to be on the road again. I keep checking the weather in Edmunston New Brunswick. When it starts staying above zero at night there then I can drive to Nova Scotia, because somewhere around Edmunston is where I will have to sleep overnight in the truck. I'd like not to freeze.

Last night I was talking to Isaac about what to do with Bunny. We discussed various options: leave her here, send her to PEI on the Seafood Express, or take her with me in the truck. Right now I'm leaning toward taking her with me, with the Seafood Express as Plan B. She is four years old, which makes her middle-aged. Bunnies can live to ten years and beyond, so she has a few good years left.

I happened by Matt Anderson's website and I see that he is playing in Mississauga in April. Oh my. I would love to hear him live again. And at the Yarn Harlot, she has a book launch planned for April 1st, that's on my list too!

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Anonymous said...

Here in Maine, we have what used to be called "mud time" between winter and summer. Mud and blackflies, however, is often closer to the truth. This may prove to be such a year.

A college chum of mine in the late '60s played a mean bluegrass guitar. He might well have been my guide into a deeper appreciation of pickin' and grinnin', but the girl I ended up marrying didn't care much for this guy or his druggie friends.

She had a point, of course. Forty years later, I'm still married to her. Haven't heard from the guitar picker in decades.

Anyway, thanks for this post. Very evocative.