Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sun and snow in the City

One more big snow storm here over the weekend, plus the time change. It seemed so strange to turn the clocks forward in the middle of blizzard.

Turning the clocks forward means Summer Is Coming!

Blizzard means No It's Not!

But nice bright sunny days afterward hint at the possibility. Let's hope.

See the heaps of snow?

See the snowy street?

But melt is happening, you can hear it.


Steven said...

I see you enjoy photos and so I wondered if you had seen the web page of a Toronto photographer?


He posts just one photo each day. To see the others, click on the "Day Before" link to see them all. He is certainly one of my favorites and because of his photos, I feel like I know a little bit more about Toronto now...

Zabetha said...

Hi Steven

Thanks for this link! I haven't seen it before but now that I have I'll be visiting it often. I also enjoy Shorpy.com, which I think I got from your blog.