Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday CBC

On Sundays I try to stay home to listen to the radio, CBC Radio One to be exact. Sunday is the best day on CBC radio. It starts with The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright, proceeds through Stuart Maclean's Vinyl Cafe ("It ain't big but it's small"), Spinal Tap (Jonathon Goldstein), Tapestry (Mary Hines), Writers and Company (Eleanor Wachtel) and Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy. I love The Sunday Edition primarily for the music but also for the news and discussion. The music is mostly jazz, and Enright's taste in music closely coincides with my Dad's. It brings back strong happy memories of Sunday mornings at home as a kid when Dad would play his jazz records on the Hi-Fi, and throw open all the windows to regale the neighbourhood with his music. I so associate jazz now with Sunday mornings. And what a treat to discover Michael Enright's Sunday morning show with the very same music.

Karen Armstrong being interviewed on CBC Tapestry today, she talks about the Bible and how it should be read or interpreted. She tells this funny story.

There are some rabbis discussing the Bible and one of them (sorry, I don't remember names) gives a particular interpretation that the other rabbis disagree with. So the one rabbi, call him Rabbi X, calls on God to perform a miracle to support his argument.

Obligingly, God causes a tree to move several feet to the left (or the right, whatever, I'm bad at details), but the other rabbis are unimpressed. So Rabbi X calls on God to tell them that he is right, and again God obliges and a celestial voice declares that everything Rabbi X has said about scripture is absolutely true.

But again the other rabbis are unimpressed. One of them retorts that once scripture is recorded it no longer belongs to God, but rather it is inscribed in the heart of every Jew and belongs to each of them to interpret as befits. Hearing this, God smiles. "My children have defeated me" he says, meaning that they have grown up.

Hear hear.

I only got to listen to part of Writers and Company when Gretel came to remind me that I had said I would babysit the kids while she went to Taiko, so I didn't listen to Cross Country Checkup. Instead I watched The Bee Movie with the kids. We had frozen pizza which I served to them on the couch in front of the movie screen. Phelan managed to eat all of his, but the poor little guy fell asleep with his empty plate in his lap. No Bee Movie for him!

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