Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I can't get over how much birdsong there is here. I don't recall a lot of songbirds in New Westminster, it was mostly crows and jays, and a few chirpy sparrows. Besides the sparrows and robins, there are so many songs that I don't recognize here. The other night and again this morning I heard a red winged blackbird, staking out his territory in a neighbouring tree. He of course does not belong here, but it was so nice that he thought he did!

These days with the warm weather and the bright sun and all the singing birds, I can close my eyes and imagine myself in a jungle somewhere. Really.

I was visiting my brother over the weekend in Barrie and he has a place in a nice neighbourhood with lots of trees not far from the lakeshore, but also not far from the highway. You hear the sound of the highway night and day. It is way quieter here in the big city! Except for the birdsong.

I am leaving for Belize in a few days. Yesterday I was thinking that when I get back, the world will be green. But today, looking out the window at the treetops starting to leaf out, I wonder if it will turn green before I leave. Spring is so fast here! I hardly remember the snow of a few weeks ago.


lacochran said...

I wish you a wonderful time in Belize! Should be quite a different set of birdsong. :)

Anne said...

Thank you, and I'm sure you're right!

Pete said...

I like the sound of birds singing, except that we have a high concentration of seagulls and crows around here—not the most musical of birds.