Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flying and driving

I've spent the week so far working through my list of To Do's. Got a lot done, and a lot is slipping to next week. This trip to Belize is good for one thing, I discovered that my passport is about to expire. Will be good for the trip but not much longer than that. Time to renew! Looked it up on the web and discovered that since the last time I renewed the price has skyrocketed, almost a hundred dollars now. Jeesh!

The shoes I've been wearing all winter are thoroughly impregnated with salt now. I should have taken better care of them. I've been trying to rinse the salt out to no avail, finally looked it up and found that I should have been rinsing them in half'n'half vinegar and water every time they were exposed to salt. I can try it now but I think the damage is already done.

I was planning to go shopping tomorrow for some of the things I need for the trip, but now I'm thinking I'll postpone that until next week.

There are two things I am not looking forward to about this trip. The first is that Sam booked me for a flight out of Toronto at 6:30am, and since I have to do both security and US Customs before the flight, that means being at the airport no later than 4:30am. I am definitely not that kind of morning person!

The second thing is US Customs in Houston, on the return trip. I have less than an hour and a half for that, and the last time I had to do that it took more than an hour and a half. Had to run halfway across the airport, with all of my baggage, to make my next flight. Not fun.

I really dislike flying these days. It seems they go out of their way to make it an unpleasant experience. And that's why I love my truck, I'd far rather drive five thousand kilometers than fly them, I really would. And do. I've driven across the continent at least eight times now, and each time getting there has been as interesting as being there.

Last summer I had to do it in a very unreliable truck (wouldn't start) and ended up being helped by very kind people in several locations along the way. I now correspond with a family in Minnesota, who put me up for a weekend while they worked on getting my truck back on the road. The kindness of strangers. Our politics and religious beliefs couldn't have been more opposite, but we had a very good time. And I learned a lot from them.

Sure wish I could drive to Belize.

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