Thursday, April 10, 2008

The inevitables: taxes and knitting

According to the weatherman this may be the last sunny day of the week, and I spent it hunched over the computer trying to do my income tax. Sigh.

Well, it doesn't look too bad. I have one question about one deduction and then it's done. Couldn't get through to the IRS of course, this being the month when taxes are due, so I'll give it one more shot tomorrow and then if I can't get through I'm going to just put the whole thing on hold until I get back from Belize. No matter what happens about that deduction I still get a refund so it doesn't matter if I'm a bit late. Looks like my tax refund will take a chunk out of the cost of the trip to Belize.

Lots of news at the knitting group tonight. Jennifer applied for and got a job as a permanent librarian, but at another branch. She's kind of down about it, she doesn't really want to leave Parkdale. But, it means she's permanent now so she has job security and all that.

The odd thing is that now that she has this new job, her old position at Parkdale is open, and even though she was not permanent when she was in that position, it will now become a permanent position. The way the system works she can apply to get her old job back, and provided no one senior to her applies for it, she could very well get it. So it's possible that she will only be at her new job for a few weeks and then return to her old job, but as a permanent librarian! That is what she would really like to happen. So she has to go to the other branch in order to become permanent, but she can come back as soon as she's permanent. Isn't bureaucracy grand.

The other bit of news is that Rhonda dropped by to say goodbye before moving to Cape Breton. She brought along her husband to meet all of us. Laurie jumps up and says "Ah, the infamous Rod! How nice to meet you!" Rod went around and shook everyone's hand, and then held court with one joke after another. He's got that Cape Breton accent and the sense of humour, it was fun to listen to him.

I asked him what he did for a job and he said he was a deep trench construction worker. He only does construction in deep trenches, up to 50 feet down! I said, there can't be much of that kind of work in Cape Breton and he agreed. Most of his work is out west in Alberta, putting in pipelines. He goes out there for 36 day stretches and then the company pays his way home for 9 days. Not bad!

Rhonda asked about the Long Tail Cast On and I ended up showing her how I do it. I apologized for not yet having learned the right way to do it, she could do it my way until somebody shows her how to do it right. Well I suppose if I teach enough people to do it the way I do, then it will be just as right as any other way. Hmmm. Maybe I could teach a course, MzOdell's Long Tail Cast On.

Jennifer was knitting a dish cloth like the one she did last week. When I arrived she said she was making it for herself, the last one was a birthday present for a friend. But then Rhonda came in to say good bye and Jennifer was almost finished the dish cloth, so she speeded it up and cast it off and wove in the ends and presented it to Rhonda as a housewarming gift. Rhonda said it was too beautiful to use as a dish cloth and Jennifer said then she wouldn't give it to her, if she wanted it then she had to use it as a dish cloth. I said to Rhonda that she could just use it on clean dishes.

So that's it, I almost have my taxes done but I still haven't learned to the Long Tail right, and maybe I'm not going to. But I will get the taxes done.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I was a man that I'd want to be known amongst a close-knit (!) circle of women as 'the infamous rod'!