Thursday, April 3, 2008

The summer of 1975

I was going through photos on my computer this morning, to post to another website. Some of them trigger incredible memories.

This photo was taken in the summer of 1975, obviously a double exposure. Don't quite know how that happened, but it worked out rather well, I think.

The person in the red shirt is me. The two silhouettes in the background are friends, Wayne and Judy. The structure is the framework for a house I was building in the woods of Baxter's Harbour, Nova Scotia. It was hexagonal in shape, in a building style combining post-and-beam and board-and-batten. I call it merry-go-round.

The house burned down in 1993, eighteen years after it was built. I only lived there for two years, I was living on the other coast when my son called me to tell me about the fire. The house had acquired a name of its own, it is still referred to by neighbours as Nimrodel.

The total cost of the building materials in 1975 was under $2,000. It was too bad that it burned down, but it was never intended to be a permanent building, so while I was sad to hear that it was gone, I was kind of amazed that it lasted as long as it did.

I guess what I like about this photo is the mix of feelings it evokes.

The wonderful summer living in the woods of Baxter's Harbour.
The horrible summer of living in a tent with two toddlers in the woods of Baxter's Harbour and simultaneously trying to build a house.
The gratitude to friends who helped me.
The waking up every single morning for five weeks aching in every conceivable muscle of my body.
The chaos.
The pride in accomplishing this project.

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Anonymous said...

The summer of 1975. Wow. I had just completed my first, and only, year as a high school English teacher. We were preparing to move half way across the continent to Oklahoma.

For about three days in August, just before we left for OK, the temperature was above 100 here in Maine. We were three years into our "fertility workup" then and wouldn't have a baby for another five years.

I would never have lived in a tent while building a house, so I have nothing but admiration for you!!