Monday, May 12, 2008

Birdsong at dawn

I woke up early this morning and decided not to bother trying to go back to sleep. Got dressed, made tea and toast and returned to bed to read.

Outside I could hear robins chirping. They seem to come on full bore right around dawn (sun rises around 6:00am, but it's light an hour before that), then settle down as the morning light strengthens.

Yesterday morning I heard the cardinal that has been hanging around, and later in the afternoon I heard a red-winged blackbird. There are at least two other birdsongs I cannot identify, I look for the songsters when I hear them, but I cannot see them.

In Belize the grackles were ubiquitous. They are loud, they start at the crack of dawn (same time as Toronto, but closer to sunrise), and they have a variety of cackles, whistles and whoops.

The tropical version of a crow, only a little more mellifluous.

Notice that this grackle appears to have only one leg? Actually he had two, but one was malformed so he kept it tucked in.

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