Thursday, May 8, 2008

Changes in Phelan and Dobby

Since returning home I'm noticing a couple of amusing things here.

One is Phelan, my youngest grandson. He is at that stage (he's two) of rapidly learning to talk. And in the ten days I've been away I can hear how much his vocabulary and grasp of communication has improved. Quite impressive.

Before I left he was repeating everything you said, now he is making up with his own sentences independently.

Today he is experimenting with changing my name, from Granne to Grannie. This is a change I don't particularly want to encourage, I like Granne just fine. But he is being quite deliberate about it, as if he made a decision to improve upon my name by the addition of another syllable.

The other is Dobbie, the boxer pup. He's noticeably bigger and starting to look more doggish and less puppyish. He is also visiting me more often, now that Bunny is gone.

Before I left for Belize but after Bunny left, he would come to the foot of my stairs and wait to be called up, but now he comes up on his own. Usually for short visits, he is not inclined to stay up here even when there is no one downstairs.

Downstairs is his home and he appears to know that.

But when he comes up for an extended visit, he immediately moves into "my" spot on the couch.


Going to have to educate him on that.

That's My spot, not Yours.

The other thing he does is try to climb into my lap and lick my face when I am sitting at my computer.

Like, pay attention to Me, not that silly box.

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