Friday, May 16, 2008

An evening out, lilac dreams

Just got home from dinner out with a friend downtown.

On my way to dinner I stopped at Active Surplus to buy a gas mask. I know that sounds odd but I think I might need it for working with epoxy and I recalled seeing these masks at Active Surplus a couple of months ago for very cheap so I stopped by to get one. As a result I was late to dinner because Active Surplus is such a fascinating store to browse and I couldn't resist. Some of the handwritten signs describing the mysterious surplus parts are hilarious. A lot of it is electronics surplus, but not all. Like for instance the gas masks.

After dinner I ended up walking home, an hour and a half walk. It was such a lovely evening! And I found a route home that involved some little residential streets I'd never been on before, one street exactly one block long lined on both sides by brick row houses dating from the 1880s. For Toronto, that's old. And the lilacs are out. There is nothing sweeter than a lilac on a warm spring evening. I now fantasize about planting a lilac in our front yard.

When I got home the next door neighbours were busy digging up their front yard for planting. I asked them what they were planting and they said onions. Well, what else do you plant in your front yard? Here I am dreaming of having a lilac tree, and they are planting onions.

So now I am quite tired and ready to go to bed. I will probably not be blogging for awhile, I have a lot to do to get ready for my trip next week. Sorry to put the Belize trip on hold, but I will complete it when I have the time.

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