Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One, two, three: move your stuff!

The Brockton Triangle neighbourhood yard sale was on Saturday. We had marvelous weather for it, probably one of the nicest Saturdays in Toronto since my birthday.

At our house some neighbours, Len and Kessa, set up their own yard sale, while we put out boxes of knickknacks and clothing for free or a donation to the Parkdale Foodbank. Tristan spent Friday afternoon baking cookies at his Aunt Sarah's house (yummy chocolate oatmeal macaroons) and set up a cookie and freezie stand in front of the next door neighbour's house. On the other side the two neighbours immediately adjacent also had a lot of stuff for sale on display, so our area was a hotbed of activity. And since Gretel was one of the chief organizers of the entire event, we also displayed a Yard Sale Headquarters sign on the house.

Every time I looked out my livingroom window (upstairs, facing the street), there was a crowd seen on the road below. Kids and dogs played in the street, adults had to walk in the street to get by. And as for the cars that usually speed down our street, they were brought to an excruciating crawl. Some enjoyed it, smiling and waving as they went by. Others were clearly irritated by all that pedestrian activity in their rightful territory.

I watched as a one irate driver made a very dangerous pass of the car in front, at a crowded intersection just past our house. Our street is not a throughway, it is only two blocks long and entirely residential, yet some drivers feel it is their right to use it as speed-demon shortcut.

I wandered around the neighbourhood looking at the other yard sales on, but decidedly ours was the best place to be, with multiple sellers around for chatting, cookies and freezies for nibbling on, and hordes of customers for selling to. I am sure Tristan raked in a small fortune! And after doing a rough count, Gretel thinks we may have raised over a hundred dollars for the foodbank. I am really looking forward to going to the foodbank this week with our haul.

It was kind of funny to watch everyone's garbage get hauled out and sold to neighbours. All the old clothes and furniture and odds and ends got moved from one house to another, and bits of cash flowed in the opposite direction. Some sellers were in awe of what people would actually pay good money for!

At the end of the day a truck came around and collected everyone's leftovers and carted it away for charity. By 5pm you would almost never have known that the event had happened.

I bought an old rocking armchair and a CD writer for my ancient desktop computer (its current CD writer has long since ceased operations). Simon, who sold me the CD writer for one dollar, also said he is due to upgrade to a new computer, and will keep me in mind for passing on his old one. Which is worth even more than the CD writer!

To make room for my new chair, I had to dispose of one section of my old couch, the section that Dobbie and I each claimed as "Our" spot.

Isaac helped me move the couch section downstairs and out to the kerb and then to move the chair into the vacant space. And within half an hour some neighbours came by asking if we would mind if they took it away. Brockton Triangle musical chairs...

A steel bookcase and an old child carseat also disappeared from our kerb sometime after that.

I installed the CD writer and it appears to work fine, yay! Now I can use CDs on the desktop computer!

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