Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wash, wax, dig, fence, plant

Washed the truck on Friday, waxed it on Saturday.

Dug up the garden and added some composted manure and peat moss to it on Thursday.

On Friday Isaac and I got some fencing materials for the garden.

On Saturday I helped with the fencing and gardening, Isaac did most of the fence and Gretel did most of the planting.

I planted salad greens in planters and tomatoes in Recycle bins.

We recycled the recycle bins.

Gretel planted zuchinis, carrots, beets and basil.

Tristan planted beans.

Then we all had dinner in the backyard with a neighbouring family.

And I started packing up for the trip to Nova Scotia.

So it's been busy. Well I'm glad the garden is getting planted before I leave.

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