Monday, June 9, 2008

Truck repairs and a bike ride

I was planning to work on the kayak today but ended up going to the Valley instead. I called Canadian Tire to make an appointment for the truck tomorrow, but they offered a time slot today instead so I went. Then I went to Carolyn's to check email and upload blog posts, didn't get out of there until 6.30pm. Got home starving, made a burrito, then went for a bike ride along the shore, the Long Beach Road. It was a hot sunny day, seemed a shame to spend it in the Valley.

I cycled along the shore road until I came to a spot where the road meets the beach. I remember this spot, this is where I got the stones for the foundations of my cabin in the woods back in '75. We had a big one-ton truck, a jitney, and we (Ian, Peter and I) drove it down here to the edge of the beach and loaded up with beach stones (it's a stony beach, not sandy). Then we got in the truck and tried to drive back up onto the road and couldn't do it, the truck wouldn't budge. I didn't want to give up any of my beach gravel, we worked so hard to get it onto the truck.

What we did was, we got out of the truck and loudly said, Forget it, let's just leave it here. We walked off the beach and up a little hill and down the other side until we couldn't see the truck at all. We stopped and waited quietly for a few minutes. Then we ran as fast as we could back to the truck, jumped into the cab, started her up and drove her off the beach. Magic.

Tomorrow it's not supposed to be so nice but the weatherman hasn't been very accurate lately. On Sunday Fritz asked if anyone had seen a weather report for the next few days and I said No, but whatever it is it's wrong. They certainly didn't get it right this past weekend. They kept changing the forecast: Saturday was going to be warm and sunny, then it was going to be cold and rainy but the warm sunny weather would come on Sunday. Well, it never came at all. There was a bit of rain but mostly the weather just teetered on the brink of going either way, hot or cold.

At great expense the truck now has all new shock absorbers, and I can't tell the difference at all. Over $500 for apparently nothing.

PS: I have finished writing blog entries for my Belize trip. You can go here to find links to the second half of that trip, in early May (May 1-5).

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Anonymous said...

I love your story about fooling your truck!! Way to go! Hope those rocks made your home site lovely. Any chance of your taking one to the cabin site where you are now?

On to read more. Hope your Serene Sunday is a delight!