Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Barrel back rest and forward bulkhead in place

Dobby is getting used to living at Fritz's house. He is a bit confused, he has moved four times in the past four weeks. But upon arriving here, he immediately picked out "his" chair.

Which used to be Fritz and Carolyn's dog Lassie's chair, and before that, Carolyn's mother's dog Maggie's chair.

Sheila and I took the dogs out in the field behind her house as well as into the woods. Dobby and Max love to chase each other in the tall grass. While passing by the Garden House Moose decided to search for Dobby's bone. He was very systematic, and would not be dissuaded from the search. Sure enough, he eventually found it and proceeded to march home with it. Having established his dominance over Dobby he expected no argument from him and he didn't get one. But I was not about to give up that bone. Sheila wrestled it out of Moose's mouth and I took it back to the Garden House and hid it up on a high shelf.

When Moose was gone, boneless, I gave the bone to Dobby and started work on the kayak. I hope he will hide it better.

After sanding the dowel handles, they are ready to glue to the hatch covers, four to a cover. I fibreglassed both sides of the thigh braces, and added a little bit extra epoxy to the sides that will face outward.

Using a handsaw and the jigsaw, I cut a 28" by 6" strip from the heavy black plastic half barrel that was sitting outside the Garden House, to use as the back rest for the kayak. I measured the back rest on Ruth's kayak to get the dimensions.

Screwing a 2x4 block to the forward bulkhead worked great to get it in place.

I wedged it in place with plywood scraps and tacked it there with thickened epoxy.

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Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the photos of a happy Dobby in the dog chair!!