Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day

Wonderful wonderful day! The weather was absolutely perfect: sunny and clear with a bit of a breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

I went to Ross Creek Arts Centre with Ruth and Erin for a day of music and food and socializing.

Mike showed us around the property, nearly 200 acres of field and woods, with great views in every direction. We toured the children's campsite, the open air theatre set up for the performance of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, complete with tree houses built in the trees that form the backdrop of the "stage". A short trail through the woods brings you to the "Green Room", literally green but only figuratively a room.

Inside the main centre building are several studios for artmaking, dance and music. Some of the stage pieces used for last year's performance of The Odyssey were on display. The offices were up on the second floor, which would have provided a magnificent view of the surrounding forests and fields but the windows are small and high, you have to be very tall to see out.

The music was great, a number of local musicians played throughout the afternoon and evening.

The balloon lady created balloon animals and marvelous hats for a long line-up of eager kids.

Jack and Dennis played for a couple of hours, and in the middle of their performance, a couple of kids came up on stage asking for Dennis' autograph. Then a swarm of kids came up waving bits of paper for autographs. The music was interrupted as Dennis attempted to give everyone an autograph.

Finally he got them to dance to the music instead. Jack just sat there laughing through the whole exercise. It was kind of funny.

Later, when just about every kid on the property had a balloon hat, the balloonlady packed up her balloons and mounted bouncy stilts to stride around the fields. She then let some of the kids try her stilts, leading them as they bounced along in the grass.

People on the stilts looked like fauns, half human half goat.

Wagon rides were popular all day long, and the many kids participated in workshops on wigwam building, watercolour painting, and lantern making.

For a change in pace, some of us weeded the vegetable garden in the field. Trillium, an a capella trio of women, had us singing O Canada at the end of their set.

As evening came on the breeze died and the black flies materialized in great clouds. While battling the flies we admired an amazing sunset. Mike went off to setup the firework display at the edge of the vault.

After the sunset, lanterns that had been made by the kids earlier in the day were distributed and we had a grand parade around the edge of one of the big fields, with handmade lanterns, lightsticks and a great sun mask leading the way.

When we returned to the little hill behind the centre, we all sat down to watch Mike's fabulous fireworks display. A fitting end to the day of festivities.

I got one photo of the fireworks before my camera battery gave out.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful fun-filled day! You are a marvelous story teller, Anne.

Love the pictures and that last one is amazing.