Saturday, July 5, 2008

City trip

As I said, I'm not good at getting to work first thing in the morning. But I really have to today if I want to get to the Market before it closes. The epoxy fill coat I did yesterday has not filled the fibreglass completely. I can see the cloth weave in several places. Apparently the epoxy is pooling in some places and running off other places leaving the weave unfilled. Reluctantly I do another coat, thinking that the same thing is just going to happen again, it won't stick where I want it to stick.

And, I am starting to run out of epoxy hardener. The pump sputters a couple of times so I am not sure I am even getting the right ratio of hardener to resin in the mix. The nearest place to get more epoxy is the City, Halifax. Mike says that he thinks Lee Valley Tools has small quantities of West System epoxy, he finds it in their catalog. The Halifax store is open today and Monday but not Sunday, so I probably should try to get there today. Going to be a busy day.

In spite of my best efforts I arrive at the Market shortly before closing time. The man selling honey was just packing up when I ask him if he has any. He has one bottle each of three different sizes, he suggests I buy the largest one, I really want the smallest one, so we compromise on the middle-sized bottle.

Next to the honey man is a couple of ladies selling vegetables. I pick out some summer squash, garlic scapes, and snow peas. I ask about bag of something green that I don't recognize. They tell me what it is (but I don't remember now) and it didn't sound familiar, I ask what it is for and they tell me it is something crunchy to put in salads. I ask what it tastes like and they look at each other for a second and then one of them says, It tastes green. I buy one bag to try it.

I run into Carolyn in the drugstore where I have gone to buy milk. She is just heading home. I tell her I want to leave my groceries at her place while I run into the City for epoxy so she says she'll meet me there.

Carolyn is planning to go to New Brunswick for a few days of hanging out at someone's cottage, and she has some chores to get done before leaving tomorrow after church. One of her chores is to buy a wedding gift for her niece. I ask her if she wants to go to the City with me, and she is strongly tempted. Chores or a trip to the City, what would you choose?

Carolyn decides that what she really wants to give her niece is a painting she saw in Canning. So first we drive to Canning to pick up the painting. It is on display there in a cafe along with several other paintings by the same artist, Doretta. Her paintings are joyful and colourful, every single one makes you smile happily. The one Carolyn wants is of a couple fishing in a little stream, with a picnic laid out beside them.

After getting the painting we drive to Halifax. It is a gorgeous day out, the scenery en route is lovely. Lee Valley Tools is in a big box store park on the outskirts of the City so it's pretty easy to get to it. I've never been to the Halifax Lee Valley, Carolyn has never been to a Lee Valley at all.

The Halifax store is quite nice, with large windows all along two walls of the very large display area. At Lee Valley they have some of their products on display but not all. To buy something you use their computers to find the item you want, fill in an order form and then take it to the counter for an associate to get it for you. Or, you can just go straight to the counter and let an associate help you, which is what I do.

Carolyn wanders around looking at what they have on display. Half the store is woodworking tools and hardware, the other is gardening tools and books. Plenty to look at.

I get my epoxy and Carolyn finds a couple of things she wants to buy and then we leave to back to the Valley.

It is almost supper time so Carolyn suggests we stop at Stirling's in Grand Pre for supper. Yippee! Finally, a chance to eat at Stirling's!

Stirling's is the restaurant of the Evangeline Motor Hotel in Grand Pre, it is all homecooked food that is fairly simple but absolutely the best. The best hamburgers, the best milkshakes, the best fish chowder, the best best pies. And this being strawberry season, they have two kinds of strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake and strawberry muffins.

  1. The place is full but we find one empty table on the screened patio. Carolyn orders a big thick lobster sandwich, I have their classic fish chowder and scone. Both are delicious and filling. We really don't need anything more but cannot leave without pie. Carolyn has the strawberry rhubarb pie, I have the strawberry glazed pie. My pie is fresh strawberries mixed with a cooked sugar glaze in a homemade baked pie shell. We are both stuffed when we leave.

I manage to get back on the Mountain while it is still light out, I drop the epoxy off at the Garden House and check the kayak before heading back into the woods. The second fill coat has still not filled the weave, as I suspected would happen. Not good.


Anonymous said...

Well, even tho the 2nd coat didn't finish the joy, you have a wonderfully full tummy of delicious food and more epoxy to use.

On to the next installment!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so much for not proofreading before posting. Of course, that was supposed to be JOB and not joy.