Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Epoxy vinaigrette

I sanded one last time before applying a saturation coat of epoxy to the deck. The epoxy brings out the colour of the wood and gives a hint of what the kayak will look like when done.

I read in one of my kayak books that white vinegar was a good solvent for removing uncured epoxy. Acetone is the best but also the most noxious; this book suggested not bothering with any lesser solvents, if you don't want to use acetone then use vinegar. The author gave lots of reasons why you wouldn't want to use acetone, the main one being its volatility. Epoxy dissolved in acetone is easily absorbed through the skin, both epoxy and acetone being bad things to absorb.

Up until now I have been using methyl hydrate, it clearly is not as effective as acetone and can only be used once before it loses its ability to dissolve uncured epoxy. I am pleasantly surprised to see how powerful the vinegar is in comparison. It is unfortunate that I just bought a gallon of methyl hydrate and must now go out and buy a gallon of vinegar, but live and learn. Now my workshop smells rather strongly of vinegar.

It was a lovely day until late afternoon when it started to rain. It rained heavily through suppertime, but has now settled into a light mist or rain. The forecast for the rest of the week is hot and sunny. At some point I have to go into town again, I would like to put it off to Saturday (the Farmers Market) but may have to go sooner. Tomorrow I will fibreglass the deck if the saturation coat of epoxy cures well.

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Anonymous said...

You have been well-served by the good homework you did in researching products and their individual pros and cons. I agree that vinegar is amazing. We have a book that lists an astonishing number of ways to use it.

The kayak is looking good!