Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Filleting the bulkheads

I've been starting the days with walks with the dogs, it's nice to see how much fun they have together. Max and Dobby especially. Max is maybe a quarter of the size of Dobby but nevertheless they are well matched in energy and temperament.

Moose doesn't play with them but he appears to enjoy Dobby's company too. On days when he is too lazy to go for a walk, the sight of Dobby will change his mind.

I figured the best way to fillet the bulkheads (strips of thickened epoxy around both sides of each bulkhead) was to tip the kayak on its side again. It's easier to reach inside the kayak when the openings are on the side than when they are on top. I brought a flashlight and a headlamp to be able to see clearly inside the kayak.

So once again I tipped the kayak sideways and strapped it in place with the tie-downs. I was able to fillet all of both sides of the rear bulkhead and half of both sides of the forward bulkhead.

I also glued one thigh brace in on the kayak side now at the bottom.

Later in the day I checked the glue and it was quite solid so I tipped the kayak over onto its other side in preparation for doing the final filleting of the forward bulkhead and gluing in the other thigh brace.

Ruth is going to Ontario for a few days, I offered to drive her to the airport tomorrow, since I need to go to Halifax to buy some kayak stuff. I need the deck rigging and the hatch gaskets, I plan to go to Mountain Equipment and Home Depot, and also The Trail Shop.

While sitting here writing this, Dobby is sleeping in his chair next to me. He started to snore, and he must have been having a dream because then he started to howl. It was the strangest thing, watching this sleeping dog howl.

Tonight I finished the last of my wine and chocolate, obviously I have to go shopping tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Cheering your progress!

I suppose you're back from shopping - by a couple of days, so are well stocked up on the essentials of chocolate and wine! Hope the stores had the other supplies you needed.