Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Found key

So this morning, while stepping outdoors to empty my chamberpot, I saw my key lying on the ground right by the door.

In plain view.

I find it extremely hard to believe I could have missed it yesterday, I searched the area thoroughly several times. Very odd.

I'm off to PEI today.


Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne!

I believe that your key being in plain sight is your own personal miracle. No one else on the planet needed that key to be found except you - and there it was, right where you'd have seen it every time you'd looked. Except this time it was there. Cool!

Hope your time with family on PEI is a blast!


Barbara Anne said...

oops -

forgot to say love the pics on the ferry and really love the picture of the nap with a dog pillow! Bliss!!!!

More hugs!