Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Give a dog a bone

This morning the broody hen was still sitting on the eggs, but later in the day I checked back and she had left them to get quite cold.

So I think she's given up on the idea of motherhood.

And if she hasn't, too bad, because I took them.

Gave two to Dobby, hardboiled two for a potato salad, and fried two for dinner.

Aren't they cute? The chickens I mean.

I took the soup bone Mike gave me to the Garden House to occupy Dobby while I worked with the epoxy.

He was so quiet that a couple of times I had to check to make sure he was still there.

The bone completely took over his attention.

While Dobby chewed on his bone outside, I glued the upper coaming onto the kayak.

I have run out of epoxy again. I will have to go back to Halifax to get some more, probably on Friday. Discussed it with Mike, to see if there is anything else I should pick up in the City. He said he was going in on the weekend and would pick up a couple of things for me at Mountain Equipment. But I will have to pick up the epoxy, Lee Valley will be out of his way.

The day started out damp and misty but cleared as time went on. By afternoon it was not exactly sunny, but as close to it as it has gotten all week. I took Dobby for a walk around the perimeter of the hayfield surrounding the house.

We saw a turtle in the field.

Beside the barn is a pond with trout in it, but the water is murky and I have not seen them. Mike suggested I wear polaroid sunglasses to look so I did and sure enough I saw one huge trout surface to catch an insect. I probably would have seen it without the sunglasses, I just happened to be looking at the right moment.

I moved the turtle over to the weeds by the pond, thinking he might be better off closer to the water.

In the evening the sun showed up briefly just as it was setting. The view from the north facing windows was magnificent: the sunset over the Bay with Cape Split off in the distance. After dark the stars came out and I decided to take advantage of the hot tub on the rear deck, to lie there in the warm water and admire the Milky Way.

They don't call this place the Baxter's Harbour Hilton for nothing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Glad your progress on the kayak has continued so smoothly. You are an amazing woman to have even imagined doing this project, much less really doing it! Remember that Kathi with Patternworks is in Chester since you're going that way.

Love Dobby's intense concentration on that bone! He looks so thin, but that's how some breeds are.

Your photos are so wonderful in letting me enjoy your setting.

Love that the house has such amazing views and surroundings. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, how sweet it is!

Maylyn said...

Dear Anne,

I so enjoyed reading your blog. Just wanted to let you know I will continue to browse your blog. Thanks for the great attitude and laughs.


Anonymous said...

I think Dobby is getting even skinnier. AFter seeing his sibs and knowing he's getting adequate healthy food - I think we'll have the vet check him out when he gets home.