Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hot dog

I went into the City today to buy some more epoxy. I also stopped in Canning to buy more propane for the stove here, that ran out too.

And raspberries.

And green tomatoes.

Guy in front of me in the checkout line-up asked if I was going to ripen them. I said, No, not going to wait that long, I love green tomatoes. He was puzzled. How do you cook them? Fried? Yup, fried green tomatoes. With onions. Hmmm, he said, I'll try it.

Dobby didn't much like the ride in the truck, it was hot. Now he is collapsed, sleeping. And not even climbing on the couch, the floor is cooler.

I got a woodburning set from Mike and if I'm not too tired I'll start burning the whale into the bulkhead tonight. With this heat though, I might just have to have a cold glass of wine instead.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne!

Ohhh! Fried green tomatoes even tho the Whistle Stop Cafe is miles and miles away! Yum! We're picking some of our tomatoes while green for that very purpose.

Love that you have a computer to use whenever while you're house sitting!

Hope you enjoyed the wine!