Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've made The List

I don't have a lot of time these days to read my favourite blogs but today I checked in on Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By, and I see that my blog has been added to her list of elderbloggers. Wow, I am honoured to be there!

I had a bit of a pang of regret about it though, since my blog right now is so focussed on the process of building my kayak. I can't imagine that this is particularly fascinating for most folks passing through from Time Goes By!

It certainly wasn't my intent when I started this blog back in January to be so focussed on the gory details of kayak building, but at a certain point I decided that I wanted to record the process and now feel like I am in too far to quit now. I originally thought this would take about three weeks and already I've been at it for six weeks, with the end still a ways off. My life seems to have been reduced to epoxy.

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Anonymous said...

Epoxy may feel like the focus to you, but there are few people on the planet who will end the summer (or the winter in that other hemisphere) with a completed kayak, much of which they made themselves.

Applause for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved visiting with you during this process.