Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another seam another fillet

Today I planned to go to town so I tried to get to the Garden House early to fillet the sheer seam on the other side of the kayak. For me 9.30am is probably the earliest I have started yet!

To do the other seam I have to tip the kayak on its other side. I can feel the difference in weight now between the two sides, there must be a fair bit of epoxy in that seam I've done over the last two days. I originally thought the big selling point of this kayak was its light weight, 35 lbs. But now, I think I am well past 35 lbs, with more weight, in epoxy and wood, to add.

Anyway, having done this routine before, it goes a lot smoother this time than it did on Monday. I prepared by wrapping tools in plastic wrap and taping the syringe to my stick really securely. I think I probably used less epoxy this time but I am not sure, I didn't count batches the first time.

By 11.30am the job was done and I had cleaned everything up. I changed into cooler clothes since I had heard that the Valley was really hot and humid, gathered up my laundery and shopping list, and headed off.

It really was humid in the Valley! Descending the road down the Mountain I could only see white haze blanketing everything. And the humidity felt like Toronto.

I stopped in Canning to return the unused methyl hydrate, one of the dowels that I never used, and a set of eye screws. There was no problem with returning this stuff, other than the fact that the cashier had never done a return and was being coached by a more experienced worker.

After doing my grocery shopping I stopped by Fritz and Carolyn's to do laundery, have a shower and catch up on email and my blog. Fritz returned from work and Carolyn from her vacation. I talked to Isaac on the phone. Carolyn and I had a glass of wine and I headed back up the Mountain around 11.00pm.

I was so tired when I got home! But there was a half moon and the stars were out. The haze blurs the stars somewhat but I can see the Milky Way.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

I do love to visit with you!

Lucky you to be able to see the Milky Way! Blessed are you to notice it, too.

Hurray for experience that makes side 2 easier!!!!