Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kayak progress

Yesterday I removed the clamps from the glued coaming and then glued and clamped the hatch lips into the hatch openings on the kayak.

Today I unclamped the lips and epoxied the edges of the upper coaming pieces and the hatch covers.

Now I can put the hatch covers in the hatch openings.

The coaming is starting to take shape, the hatches can now be covered.

It's starting to look like a kayak.

I fibreglassed the back side of the bulkhead with the whale on it.

There was a tropical storm passing by Nova Scotia today, the South Shore got lots of rain (over 150 mm in some places) but it did not rain here until supper time.

Dobby got to play with Max and Moose, and later I rode down to the Harbour with him.

The tide was in, the Harbour was full of water and all the boats were afloat.

First time I've seen them afloat, usually I see them lying on the bottom.

I am house sitting this week and one of my tasks is to let the chickens out in the morning and put them back in their coop at night. There are five of them, Rhode Island Reds. Quite tame, I can pick them up and pet them.

The last couple of nights they have been putting themselves back in the coop before I get there. They are all lined up on a shelf by the door, I just have to count heads. Tonight one of them was sitting in a nestbox on a half dozen eggs she laid this morning. I saw her sitting there and knew that was what she was up to but I didn't hang around to collect them.

I am supposed to collect the eggs every morning, but she laid them right after I opened the coop in the morning. Now I wonder if I should collect them if she's still there tomorrow. There's no rooster so this is kind of a lost cause for her, but losing a half dozen eggs is no big deal to me either. Decisions, decisions!

My other tasks are to water the flowers and feed the birds. The flowers don't need watering because it is raining every day now, and I think a chipmunk is eating all the seeds I put out for the birds. I see the chipmunk running around with cheek pouches positively bursting.

The chicken coop is far enough away from the house that Dobby doesn't know about it yet. I'm hoping he will remain ignorant. Mike gave me a large frozen soup bone for Dobby, I'll give it to him when I am working on the kayak. Should keep him occupied for awhile.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne!

What a treat to check in and find another new post so soon!!

Applause on the kayak progress, the snug impressive fit of the hatch cover, and how beautiful it looks. You've done well! Can you imagine yourself out in it yet?

I'm glad you have Dobby for company and I'll join your hope he never notices the chickens! BTW, if those eggs are infertile, will they start stinking at some point in the near future? There's something to consider!

Hugs! Barbara