Monday, July 14, 2008

A miracle story

Today it was humid, rainy and foggy, no way to avoid getting wet. I wanted to get as much glassing done as possible today, the hatch covers and lips, and the bulkheads Sheila came by with the dogs and a couple of Harbour boys, Riley and Richard. They ran ahead with the Corgi Maxwell on a long rope while Moose the chocolate lab ambled along with us. I walked with Sheila up to her back field but turned back when it started to rain.

The glassing went pretty well, I finished around 5.00pm and went home for supper.

After supper I went over to Mike and Ruth's to empty my compost bin and put some stuff in the freezer. Mike was home but Ruth was at paddling practice for the Dragonboat races. Mike told me a helluva story.

While driving his truck near Canning this morning, he somehow managed to lose control and go off the road and into the ditch. He hit the ditch going 80 km/hr and there was a hydro pole there that he hit smack on, shearing it off at the base. Apparently the pole went straight up in the air and came down again, still vertical, right beside its stump. Mike's truck went on until it hit a tree and stopped. Mike must have been in a complete daze, he got out of the truck and checked himself for blood, bruises, anything. He climbed out of the ditch and there was another truck driver standing there who had watched the whole thing happen. The driver said, You just made my day walking away from that! The driver had not been looking forward to whatever was going to remain of Mike after an accident like that.

The mountie who came to the scene said he had never seen anyone survive an accident like that without serious injury, it was uncanny. Mike remembers that his Dad died at about Mike's age now, in a similar accident. His Dad's tractor tipped over and landed on top of him. Mike didn't have so much as a bruise on him. He called his work and they said they'd send someone to pick him up.

Yes, he went to work after that.

Mike just spent a whole lot of money on new tires and brake work on the truck, it looks like it is totalled now. On the one hand, a shame to have to write off so much money, on the other, maybe spending that money saved his life, one never knows. Anyway, the garage that towed the truck away says they'll look it over and see if it can be salvaged, you never know, they said. But Mike thinks it's pretty doubtful.

Changing the subject, Mike told me a couple of days ago he had some books of fish pictures I could look through to see if anything appeals to me for the kayak. I need a fish on the rear bulkhead to keep the boat afloat. So I asked him about the books and he brought me three books of fish and whale pictures. In thumbing through them I found the humpback whale.

As it happens I have a picture of a humpback embroidered on my baseball cap from going whalewatching last October off Brier Island in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy. The most memorable moment on the whalewatching trip was a pair of whales who came right up to our zodiak, paused, and then swam off. This after a good ten minutes of swimming back and forth under our zodiak, doing flips and somersaults under the water. It was as if they were performing for us, in a beautiful underwater ballet, and then taking their bows and swimming off.

That's what I want on my kayak.

I didn't find the right picture in any of the books Mike gave me, I think I have the right picture on a poster hanging on my bathroom door back in Toronto. Fat lot of good it's doing me there. So I will have to find something else that I can copy; worse come to worst I could attempt to copy the whale off my cap. It has to be fairly simple, because I've got to draw it freehand and then burn it into the plywood with Mike's woodburning kit. I'm hardly an artist when it comes to drawing stuff freehand.

I looked for my key and could not find it anywhere. I retraced my steps between the truck and the house several times, and even phoned Carolyn to check where I was parked in front of her house yesterday, but no key. Very odd, it has completely disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Glory be that Mike is okay! Thanks be to God!!!

If you see this in time, tell him to check his new tires to see if they're really old and dried while sitting unsold on a shelf. I read this is a factor in many fatal wrecks because the tires fail when they shouldn't by purchase date. By date of manufacture, "new" tires can be 12 or even 18 years old. On the under car side of a tire there's a number that gives the week of the year and the year it was made. If possible, that may be worth checking.

Love your story about your experience with humpback whales. Awesome!