Monday, July 14, 2008

Planning a little holiday

Today was a lovely day, warm sunny and breezy. Mike thought a thunder storm was on its way though.

I spent several hours in the morning and afternoon sanding, epoxying and glassing various pieces for the kayak. I glassed the second sides of the upper coamings and the first sides of the hatch lips. I sanded any rough edges I could find.

Around 4.00pm I headed into town to phone Isaac and see Fritz and Carolyn. Isaac and Gretel are now in PEI on vacation and I am going to join them for a couple of days this week. Be good to see the kids.

I hung around for a few hours, looking at Carolyn's photos of her niece's wedding on Saturday and having supper of bison burgers and strawberries. The last of this season's strawberries are being sold off in the Farmer's Markets, and the first of the raspberries are now on sale. Maybe I'll take some raspberries to PEI with me.

I am going to drive to the ferry at Caribou, and Isaac and Gretel will meet me at the ferry terminal at Woods Island on Prince Edward Island. They have a cabin on the beach for a week at Savage Harbour on the north side of the island and Gretel says it is totally wonderful (and has a spare bed for me). Most folks take the fixed link, the Confederation Bridge in New Brunswick, to the Island now so the ferry shouldn't be crowded. If you were to draw a straight line from Baxter's Harbour to Savage Harbour, it would pass a lot closer to the ferry terminals than the fixed link. It costs the same whether you take the ferry or the bridge.

On the way home at night, my keychain fell open while trying to open the house door and I dropped all my keys on the ground. I managed to find all but one key, the door key to my truck. I have a spare but I sure hope I can find the key when it is light.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Anne! For all of your hard and challenging work on the kayak, you certainly know how to plan for fun, friends, good food, and now family! So glad all of this meshed so perfectly.

I would love to have really been beside you on the ferry! I love ferries!!!!!!

Bother about the key, but I've seen the title to come, so am already happy it has been found. How satisfying!