Saturday, July 19, 2008

Post-vacation post

I was in PEI from the evening of July 15 (Tuesday) to the early morning of July 19 (Saturday).

Had a great time, except for the bugs. At times the mosquitoes and horseflies were so irritating that I just wanted to go home, right now. Phelan woke up wailing several times in the middle of one night, apparently not being able to handle the itching.

You weren't safe, even in the water, you had to keep your eye out for jellyfish and just when you thought you were safe a horsefly would buzz out of nowhere forcing you to dive underwater, jellyfish or no.

But aside from the bugs I had a wonderful time.

The weather was pretty perfect, the company terrific and the scenery marvelous.

We had beach bonfires and built sandcastles, ran the dogs on the beach, and just hung out.

There were five kids ranging in age from 2 to 12 years old and they all got along really well.

The odd bit of bickering over cards ("you cheated!" "did not," "yes you did!" "did not," etc.), an occasional tantrum over ice cream, but other than that they played pretty well together.

One evening the kids put on a play of Anne of Green Gables, directed by Cindy, their grandmother/aunt.

Isaac and Gretel's boxer Dobby got to play with his sister Fiona; his brother Boone was there but due to an injury was not allowed to play with his siblings.

Really too bad, we all felt very sorry for him, confined to the house and having to wear a cone around his neck, while his brother and sister romped along the beach.

On the day we were leaving PEI I asked Isaac and Gretel if I could take Dobby with me and they said Yes; however Tristan was not happy about that. After a bit of negotiating he resigned himself to life without his dog for a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to enjoy all of that good company, kids, dogs, water, scenery, laughs,and conversation!

Next time: bug spray or citronella candles and the recommendation from a veteran of the jellyfish on Chesapeake Bay - wear long leg, long sleeve cotton pjs if skiing, and tie the legs and wrists snug when swimming. Helpful, indeed!

Poor Boone, lucky Dobby!


Anonymous said...

Tristan is fine with Dobby being in NS - he is in touch with the adventure that is possible for Dobby and quite absorbed in daycamp. Don't give his initial reluctance a second thought! Glad to hear and see that Dobby is having fun...and getting to rest while you work on kayak.

Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara

I know how you feel about bug spray and such, all I can say is that my experience with various repellents has been less than stellar. My relationship with bug dope could fill a whole post! And it wouldn't be good :-(

Suffice to say that I am a bug magnet, no amount of repellent changes this. In the presence of non-magnets, all bugs head for me, repellent or no.

As for wearing PJs to the beach, I think I'll pass. Having been raised on summers at the lake not the seashore, my preference is for swimming in a lake, I am content to leave the ocean to the jellies except for occasional forays without PJs (or snorkelling in the Caribbean!).

Zabetha said...

Hi Gretel

Glad to hear T is happy with daycamp (and who wouldn't be, what a treat to go to Toronto Island every day!), and sorry to hear he doesn't miss Dobby. I think you should remind him constantly of what he is missing (just kidding!)