Monday, July 28, 2008

Putting in the bulkheads

Last night Sheila and I went down to the beach to watch the sunset, I brought Dobby along. It was nothing special as a sunset, although the fact that there was a sunset at all was nice. Dobby doesn't much like the water, but he thought Sheila had wieners in her pocket and so he paid close attention when she appeared to take something from her pocket and throw it in the water. He even waded out chest-deep to check for floating wieners. It was really just rocks.

Today Nancy and Sheila and I walked the four dogs, Dobby, Moose, Max and Chezzah, Nancy's sheltie. She had not met Dobby before but was familiar with Moose and Max. Dobby attempted to get her to play tag with him but she let him know in no uncertain terms that playing tag with puppies was not her thing. Nancy described the Louisbourg re-enactment that she and her family had attended last week. Re-enactors from all over North America came to participate, in costume and living at the fort in the style of 250 years ago. She said it was very realistic, made you feel like you were really there. And there were thousands of re-enactors there. This is what they do on their vacations, travel around and re-enact various historical events. The next one will be Port Royal's Order of Good Cheer down at Annapolis Royal.

Today I cut hatch handles from a 1" oak dowel, and started epoxying them. I also measured and cut the thigh braces, vertical strips on either side of the cockpit that the back rest will be bolted to, and started fibreglassing them.

I put the rear bulkhead with the whale on it in place and wedged it in place with scraps of plywood. I mixed some thickened epoxy and tacked the bulkhead in place.

I used Mike's electric handsander to sand the rough spots on the deck and hull of the kayak. Mainly hardened drips from epoxying the deck.

I tried to put the forward bulkhead in place but it wouldn't fit, too big. That was strange, I thought I had measured and cut it to fit, and was pretty sure that it used to fit. Anyway, I decided to trim about half an inch of the top sides of the bulkhead, and then it was too small, and because of the distance from the cockpit opening to the location of the bulkhead, I could not hold it upright and wedge it simultaneously.

While I worked Dobby chewed his bone. He hides it somewhere when he is done, I don't know where. But every day when we arrive at the Garden House he retrieves it and every day when we leave it has disappeared.

Mike came by and suggested that I screw the bulkhead to a 2x4 block to hold it upright and slide it into place and then wedge it. I will do that tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Your ingenuity and calm continue to amaze me as your work your way step by step thru the intricate process of building a kayak. Your whale looks wonderful and you chose well when considering what to put there.

How cute that Dobby has learned how to play with others and how to hide his bone from you so it's there waiting for him. Too funny!

Hugs - Barbara