Sunday, July 13, 2008

The revenge of the consumer

Interesting item on The Sunday Edition today. I was looking forward to hearing Vicky Gabereau but she's not on today, it's Kevin Sylvester. Well, I like Kevin too but Vicky is one of my all time favourites. Too bad she's retired.

Anyway, the interesting item was about General Motors (GM) being on the brink of bankruptcy, what went wrong and what can they do about it. One of the things said was about GM's woefully shortsighted view of consumers, its customers. Apparently they believed that the North American romance with big gas guzzlers would never end, there would always be reasonably priced gasoline and North Americans were all about the wide open spaces and driving off into them. Apparently GM got caught out, North Americans have proved as fickle as any romantic suitor and have dropped the big gas guzzler dead. Shot down like a rejected lover, not so much as a "let's be friends."

Hah! I think. Not just GM, everybody is doing that!

Oh, the consumers, we will never wean them off their profligate ways, we just have to keep supplying them with all the godawful stuff they demand because they are just not capable of seeing the light any time soon. The doomsayers and the pushers of the status quo make the same error in judgement, they all predict the future based on shortsighted analyses of what we the consumers are capable of.

That very term, "consumers", belies that shortsighted view of people, that we are all one-sided buyers of whatever is being purveyed. Hah! Think again!

Well GM, perhaps you deserve your fate, but then so do a lot of other journalists, politicians, futurists, and economic advisors. Beware the glib pronouncements about what we the people are capable of.

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Anonymous said...

Amen sistah!!!!!!! It's way past time for "Enough is enough - you're OUTTA here!!!!"

So glad more folks are waking up to that. May it show in their votes, too!