Sunday, July 6, 2008

Second opinion

More dawdling today, I don't get over to the Garden House until sometime after noon. I try an experiment, instead of using the roller I use a small paint brush to "touch up" the spots where the weave shows through. Being obsessively thrifty I think I will use up the last of the old epoxy, but since the pumps are no longer reliable I measure it in syringes. Sixty-year-old Brain syndrome once again, I get the ratio of hardener to resin wrong on two tries out of three. The first is too much resin, the second is too little and the third I think might have been just right. So I don't know if this experiment is going to work.

In the evening Chris comes by to say Hi. I was just heading out to the Garden House to see how the kayak is doing and he comes with. The kayak looks terrible I think. Chris doesn't think it is terrible but he does see the problems. Chris is a painter so he has some ideas about what is going wrong and what to do about it. We discuss it for quite a while.

Of course it is not hopeless, it is all fixable, but when I compare how my kayak looks with how the one Mike made for Ruth, it is much messier. Much as I would like to leave the kayak clear to show off the wood, I am also starting to feel like I would rather paint it to hide all the defects.

Chris gets a laugh out of my windshield washer story.

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Anonymous said...

You're doing a FAR better job than I would be doing, so keep that fact in perspective as you wish you kayak looked different. I'd have it looking worse!

Now about that "too think, too thin, just right" story. It's Goldilocks all over again. As long as none of the 3 bears gets into the Garden Shed, you're ahead.