Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sixty year old brain

Something odd happened today. I bought a gallon of vinegar to use for cleaning the epoxy off my various tools because I had found that vinegar worked better than methyl hydrate for that. Previously, I noticed that the gallon of methyl hydrate I bought in Canning didn't actually say on the label that it was methyl hydrate, it said Windshield Washer Fluid. I thought that was odd, did I buy the wrong stuff?

When I bought the vinegar I put it in the truck behind my seat. When I went to take it out to put in the Garden House, I saw a second gallon jug there, labelled Methyl Hydrate. Damn! When I bought the methyl hydrate and put it in the truck, I put it next to the gallon of windshield washer fluid, and then obviously grabbed the wrong jug to put in the Garden House. I've been trying to clean brushes with windshield washer fluid, no wonder it wasn't working very well!

I told Carolyn about this, told her this was the problem with a Sixty-Year-Old Brain, you do dumb things like that. She said I should probably take the methyl hydrate back to the store to get my money back, and tell them my story so they will get a laugh too.

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Barbara Anne said...

Laughing as I'm stuck with a 57 year old brain and a DH with a brain only 8 days older. We're already in trouble! Sounds to me like you're doing really well!

Hang in there! Hugs - Barbara Anne