Friday, July 4, 2008

Town trip

I'm not good at getting to work first thing in the morning. I wake up early, often before 6am, but I dawdle over breakfast and coffee and listening to the radio until sometime after 11am. I'm terribly slow. So today I manage to get to the Garden House by 11am to apply a fill coat of epoxy to the fibreglassed deck. The fill coat is thin and runny, I try to keep it from dripping down the sides too much but am not really successful. I'm going to have a lot of sanding to do.

In town I have to buy a few groceries and yet another dowel because the last two I've bought were not the right size; I also have to do a bit of banking and a laundery. I manage to do all this in a reasonable amount of time, I am at Fritz and Carolyn's when Fritz gets home from work.

I hang around until Carolyn gets home and we go out for dinner at Paddy's. I had a vegetable curry which was quite good and a Pilsner beer. Paddy's is a brew pub, they make their own beer. I've tried various beers there and right now my favourite is the Gaspereau Pilsner. The tanks they brew the beer in are upstairs, they have a cathedral ceiling in part of the pub so you can look up and see the great tanks of brewing beer above you.

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