Thursday, July 31, 2008

We did a little shopping...

Today I took Ruth to the airport and went into Halifax to do some shopping for kayak stuff.

Since Ruth did not have to be at the airport until mid-afternoon, I had the morning to do a bit of work on the kayak.

Last night I tipped the kayak over onto its other side, so this morning I could start right in on the remaining glue work to do.

I finished gluing the forward bulkhead and installed the second thigh brace.

That was pretty much it.

We went into town in Ruth's car, and I brought Dobby along. Dobby had terrible farts, we had to keep opening the windows to let the smell out! After dropping Ruth off at the airport, I drove into Halifax to do my shopping. I started at Mountain Equipment and bought various cords and buckles for the deck rigging, and also a PFD, a paddle, a Thermorest seat pad, a skirt and a cockpit cover. All told it came to almost $400. Then I went out to Home Depot to buy some nuts and bolts.

It was around 4.30pm by the time I got to Home Depot and I had not had lunch. So by the time I found the aisle where the nuts and bolts were, I was pretty much done it. I stared at the huge wall of packets of various sizes of nuts and bolts and it all looked too daunting, I had no idea where to begin, and no heart at all for the search. So I turned around and walked out! I just couldn't do it!

I also remembered that there was one more part that I had to get at The Trail Shop in downtown Halifax so I decided to go back there. Besides, there was a Canadian Tire across the road from The Trail Shop, I was hoping it would be less daunting. I had brought a couple of buns along on the trip and a bottle of water. But Dobby drank all of the water and still wanted more, I only had a couple of sips. At least I got the buns.

As soon as I got into Canadian Tire I went up to a cashier and said I needed help and she called a woman to help me with the nuts and bolts. Basically, I just handed over my samples to her and said, This is what I want, can you help me find them. She did the search.

The wall of nuts and bolts in Canadian Tire was a little smaller than the one in Home Depot so it was a little easier, and this woman was fairly familiar with the stock so she knew where to look. Even so, because the selection was smaller, they did not have everything I needed. But I was very grateful for what she was able to find, I really was beyond being able to do it myself. Kind of brain dead at that point.

Finally, around 6.30pm I left to go home. Knowing that Dobby was thirsty (and I was too!) I thought I would stop at Carolyn's in Wolfville for water. Carolyn's cats made it clear that Dobby could not come in the house so I got water and brought it outdoors for him. I was going to put him back in the car but first I had to straighten out the blanket on the back seat for him, and I had left his leash on him but let him loose while I did that. Dobby decided he needed to poop, right now, on the sidewalk. Also on the leash. Also, he had the runs.


Finally I got everything cleaned up and Dobby back in the car. Carolyn said she was going to the Grand Pre Winery for Martini Night and did I want to come with. I said, God knows I could do with a bit of alcohol right now but I really should get Dobby home. Then she said that Matt Anderson had been in town the night before playing with the Hupman Brothers and the Hupmans were going to play at Martini Night, so maybe Matt would be there too. Have I mentioned how I feel about Matt Anderson?

So I left Dobby in the car and went with Carolyn in her car to the Winery. They have a lovely outdoor patio surrounded by grapevines, on a little hill overlooking Grand Pre. It was really quite nice, especially when the stars came out. Unfortunately Matt Anderson was not there. I really felt disappointed that I had missed him the night before. And now felt guilty about leaving Dobby alone in the car after a long day cooped up while I ran around shopping.

We finally got home around midnight. Poor old Dobby. And tomorrow I have to go looking for the hardware I couldn't get in the City.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

You are intrepid and an inspiration! May I again say applause?!

I know the nuts and bolts aisle at HD and it is daunting when any brain is functioning at 100%. Mercy! How could any marketing suit think that wall of hardware is a good idea???????????

Sorry you had a poopy mess to deal with and that your favorite singer was absent.

On to read the next installment!