Friday, July 25, 2008

Whale burning

Today I burned my humpback whale onto the rear bulkhead. I practiced first on a spare piece of plywood, and when I thought I understood how to do it, I tackled the bulkhead. First I went over all the lines with a penknife, to make grooves that the woodburner would follow. Then I did the actual burning.

I propped the bulkhead up where it will eventually be glued so I could take a picture of what it will look like in the kayak. The backrest will partially obscure it when it is installed.

To keep Dobby busy I brought along his bone, which I had been storing in the freezer. It was partially thawed when I gave it to him, he was a bit tentative with it at first.

I saw Mike drive by in his "new" truck. When I was finished burning the whale I went back to his place to get some measurements off of Ruth's kayak for placing the thigh braces and back rest. I packed up Dobby's bone so he could chew on that while I talked to Mike. Well, he wasn't keen on giving it up. I gave it back to him when we got to Mike's, but I guess he was worried I would take it away from him again, so he went into the woods and buried it!

Mike saw him skulking off with his bone and mentioned it, I followed Dobby and found the burial spot, a pile of fresh dirt. So I went and got a spade and tried to dig it up again, but could not find it. Maybe I was mistaken? But no, after I stopped digging, Dobby came in and dug up the bone himself. And since I had found the spot so easily I guess he decided he needed a better burial spot so he tried going further into the woods to rebury the bone. I called him back and retrieved the bone. Sorry Dobby, I've got other plans for your bone!

On our morning dog walk, Sheila and I took the dogs to their favourite swimming hole, well, Moose's favourite swimming hole, Max only wades and Dobby won't go in at all.

Then we went out to the tall grass field behind Sheila's house where Dobby chased Max round and round. Moose no longer joins the game, he's content to watch from the sidelines.

The grass is so tall that Dobby can't see Max, so he makes these hilarious leaps in the air to get a view over the grass. Very funny to watch, his ears stand straight up.

Sheila took this picture of Dobby in the tall grass.

I made another list of things remaining to be done on the kayak. If I am diligent I could possibly be finished by next Friday. Kind of doubt it though. According to my list I was supposed to burn the whale on the bulkhead and then epoxy it, but I just didn't feel like doing any epoxying today so technically I am already behind on the schedule.

Mike says I should start reading the tide tables to pick a good launch date. I will want to launch about an hour before high tide. With the new moon coming up the tides will be higher too.

It was just as hot today as yesterday but there was a breeze. A storm coming in. But the storm did not arrive until dinner time, the day was mostly hot and windy. The chickens were funny this morning, one was sitting on some eggs and another was sitting on top of her. I reached in and pulled the eggs out from under both of them.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne!

Cheers for your amazing talent at wood burning! Perhaps you've found your niche in the artistic world?! LOVE your humpback whale and how it looks in your kayak.

How exciting that you're nearly finished and can plan when to launch. Way to go!!

It's especially wonderful that you take time to play.

Applause and hugs!