Friday, August 1, 2008

And we did a little more shopping

I didn't have to go into town right away so I thought I was going to get some work done on the kayak first and then go in the afternoon. However, the camera breakdown in the morning really put me out of the mood. I dunno, it was almost as if I was grieving the loss, I couldn't bring myself to do anything other than read for a bit. Next thing I knew it was 3.30pm!

I called the pet food shop where I bought the last bag of dogfood for Dobby to enquire about trading it in for something else since Dobby clearly was having digestive problems. They said it wasn't a problem and they would try to find a better replacement. Also, I was wondering if Dobby's bone might be the source of his problem, it is definitely rather stinky right now.

My first stop was the pet food shop. After some discussion the bone was ruled out as an issue and I settled on a new bag of dogfood to replace the old one. They guarantee their food and take back an open and used bag no questions asked. So that is very nice of them and eases somewhat the pain of the expense of this food. I'm paying more for dogfood than my own food!

Traffic was unusually heavy, cars were just creeping along. I was intending to go to Canadian Tire but with traffic being what it was I stopped at Kent Building Supplies instead because it was closer. I was able to get the parts I needed there. Traffic was still very heavy, so I thought I would return the way I came and take a back road to Wolfville. I wanted to use the computer at Carolyn's and do a laundery.

Fritz and Carolyn got home very late, in part because of the traffic. It turns out there was a major accident on the highway in mid-afternoon and they were diverting traffic off the highway and into New Minas where I was shopping. This was creating such havoc that they had firemen directing traffic in Greenwich (east of New Minas) and gridlock in Kentville (west of New Minas) well into the late evening.

The three of us went down to Joe's Emporium for dinner. We shared a plate of Scot Skins, and I had a hamburger and coke float, also a glass of wine. Scot Skins are thin slices of potato, coated with spices and fried, and served with sour cream and ketchup. The top of the heap is lightly spiced, but as you get down to the bottom, it gets pretty fiery. I drank my wine while we ate the Scot Skins, and then had the coke float with the hamburger. I haven't had a coke float in a very long time, it was good!

Our waitress was telling us how she was brainwashed. She used to work at a restaurant in Halifax where they were exhorted by the owner to upsell everything. The waitresses were supposed to press customers to buy add-ons and bigger servings and extras at every opportunity. She said they had an elaborate system for scoring how well you did at it, and if you didn't meet a certain quota, you had to go to Remedial Upselling Class! So she said she learned it only too well. And sure enough she was trying to upsell us, but now that she had told us that story it was kind of a joke, she'd ask us if we wanted some extra, we'd say No Thanks and laugh, and she'd laugh too. But she did upsell me the wine and the coke float. Who drinks wine AND a coke?!?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Oh! I LOVE Coke floats, too! Haven't had one in ages because if Coke and vanilla ice cream are in the house at the same time I have 0 willpower. I must combine them into a delicious float. Bliss!

Scot Skins sound yummy.

Glad you found the parts you needed, but I am surprised at such traffic. Guess I imagined fewer cars in NS or something equally foolish!

You're a wonderful storyteller!