Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arrival day

I was up early to get my breakfast. Turns out one of the trucks parked at the rest area had a boxer in it. The truck driver brought her out for a little exercise and she and Dobby immediately recognized each other as fellow boxers. They fell into a fifteen minute boxer romp, up and down the grassy picnic area. There's nothing like it, they are instantaneous best buddies, running shoulder to shoulder one way and then the other. They bite each other and shove and pull, a favourite boxer thing to do is to grab the other boxer's loose lips and chew on them, in full gallop.

So both boxers got their morning exercise before a long truck ride out. It was cloudy and cool, and stayed that way most of the day, so a much cooler drive. Dobby slept a lot.

The storm the previous night had loosened one tie-down, but after retying it I had no further problem, the ropes and tie-downs stayed firm all the way to Toronto. I arrived in the city around sunset. I know the route pretty well but was tired enough to make a wrong turn that cost me an extra twenty minutes getting back on track. Driving across the downtown area of Toronto on the Gardiner Expressway is impressive any time of day, but especially so at night. It's an amazing sight to drive on an elevated highway through all the big office buildings of the downtown core.

I parked just around the corner from the house. I am not sure if Dobby knew where he was when I let him out of the truck, but as we walked around the corner I let him lead the way to see if he knew where we were going. He saw a cat cross the road. His first impulse was to go after it, but right then we were in front of our house. He was definitely torn.

He decided to turn toward the house. He walked up to the porch steps and gave them a thorough sniffing. Slowly he climbed the stairs and I opened the porch gate for him. His tail started going. He walked up to the door and I rang the doorbell for him. He was clearly excited, and a little impatient: why didn't I just open the door for him?

Isaac opened the door. Dobby could not contain himself, he jumped right through the missing screen window and leaped up at Isaac and then Gretel right behind him, nearly knocking little Phelan over in the process. Phelan ran to get out of the way behind me.

Two months on the road and he's finally home.

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Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home - whether you walk about on two legs or frolic about on four.

Welcome home!