Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beach day

I didn't accomplish much on the kayak today.

I put the weatherstripping in the hatches.

I also epoxied small strips of fibreglass along the top and bottom edges of the thigh braces.

That's it!

Sheila and I went down to the beach in the afternoon, Sheila said she could see the reflection of the clouds on the water and wanted to photograph it.

The reflection was faint, but there. I guess the water was glassier and the reflection clearer earlier in the day.

There were cormorants and sea gulls on the rocks, Sheila said she'd not seen them here before.

The dogs played in the water. Moose loves to swim but Dobby and Max are more cautious. However we were able to coax Dobby into the water by throwing stones which he chased.

Once in the water he pawed at the rocks on the bottom, trying to move them into shallower water where he could grab them with his teeth.

Sheila even managed to coax me into the water! I've always said I'd never go into the Bay, it's way too cold. But today I did actually wade up to my knees, it was warm enough for that. So I will modify what I've said before: I'll never swim in the Bay!

Sheila was in deeper and coaxed Dobby to come to her, she said that briefly he was in over his head and swam, but neither of us took our cameras in the water, so we have no pictures of that.

The rock formations on the beach are quite interesting. Most of it is pillow basalt with sensuous curves and a soft look to it.

But some of it was quite deeply etched, Sheila pointed out formations that looked like faces in the rock.

Later in the evening I went down to the beach to see if there was a colourful sunset. Sheila and her daughter were already there but I didn't recognize them from the distance. Sheila recognized Dobby though. The clouds were all massed right where the sunset would have been, so there was no colour to speak of. But Sheila said they were watching a seal swimming back and forth in front of the beach.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

So glad you're making progress on the kayak but are taking time to enjoy yourself and your beautiful surroundings, too. That's as it should be!

Dobby has added lots of fun to these weeks! Thanks to this time with you, Dobby has dog-friends, has discovered rocks, and has been swimming in the bay!