Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best laid plans, part 2

This morning I called the store in Berwick and they have the stainless steel bolts I am looking for, so I planned to go to Berwick today.

I told Sheila about my tentative departure date, she laughed and said, Assuming everything goes according to plan! Which it hasn't so far, why would now be any different?

After walking the dogs and cleaning up after breakfast and loading the truck, I left for Berwick just after noon. A very pleasant drive along Highway 221, "The Back Road." And I get to Berwick around 1.00pm to discover that the store is closed, they close at noon on Saturdays!

Now of course that means I won't be able to get the bolts until Monday.

Sheila may be right.

I tried to think of other things I might accomplish on this trip, I stopped in at the Berwick Frenchy's (chain of secondhand clothing shops here) but didn't see anything that appealed. I debated trying the Canadian Tire store on the off chance they had what I wanted, but couldn't face a Saturday afternoon there.

I ended up driving back to Canning and stopping at the building supply store there to enquire about urethane. I bought a litre of spar varnish and some Varsol. The lady there recommended some strips of pipe insulation to use on my tie-downs to keep them from rubbing on the kayak when I put it on the roof rack, so I bought a couple of them too.

Then I stopped at the butcher shop for a bone for Dobby. It's a real old fashioned butcher shop, I half expected to see sawdust on the floor. All the cuts of meat are wrapped in paper, and there was a pile of dogbones on the corner of the big chopping block.

I've thought of a couple of things I could do before Monday, I might be able to start putting urethane on the hull. I think I have to install the foot pedals before the urethane, and they already have stainless steel bolts.

I have stainless steel bolts for the back rest too, but I am not sure whether the washers for them are stainless steel, I may have to wait on that. But I can drill the holes for that and for all the deck rigging.

I think I can cut out all the strapping too, and put the buckles on the straps. Then on Monday I'll go back to Berwick for the bolts, and once they are installed I can urethane the deck.

In theory, that means I'll be done!

When we got home around 2.30pm, I gave Dobby his bone. He loves it!

He's still pretty scrawny, all my efforts to fatten him up are in vain. But, I got an idea to feed him root vegetables, I recall the pet food store lady telling me that potatoes are hypoallergenic for dogs, and that really it is protein that a dog is most likely to react to. So maybe if I fill him up on potatoes and carrots and beets...

I made a root vegetable stew for Dobby this afternoon, he loves it.

In the late afternoon I started drilling holes in the kayak, a half inch hole for the bowline at the bow of the boat, and quarter inch holes in the back rest and thigh braces to attach the back rest to the kayak.

In the evening I cut up the strapping into twelve pieces and attached the buckles to the pieces for six straps, three for each hatch. I used a cigarette lighter to melt the ends of the straps to prevent them from unravelling.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Gee whiz! You'd think the person you spoke to about the stainless hardware would have mentioned an early closing time in the course of your conversation! Bother!

I do love the way you make the most of situations and think creatively. Applause!

Almost finished! What a wonderful feeling you must have as you look at all you've done. Why, for goodness sakes, you've made a kayak!!!!!!!!! More applause!!