Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Best laid plans

Sheila thinks I should buy another camera to replace the broken one, I am seriously considering it. I was going to go into town today to look for a camera, but...

It was raining this morning, but not heavily. Sheila and I walked the dogs. She said that the funnel cloud yesterday set down in New Ross, on the other side of the Valley. Apparently it rained like the dickens there too, but we didn't get the rain until quite late at night. All the weather here comes from the west, and both the Valley and the Bay of Fundy run east-west, so the weather just comes straight up one or the other. It seems like the weather chooses which route to take, the Valley or the Bay, because often I hear on the radio that there's going to be some weather and they get it in the Valley but not here. Then other times there's no mention on the radio and we get hit by whatever has decided to come up the Bay instead of the Valley.

Sheila also said there was an absolutely magnificent sunset last night on the Bay, and there was a rainbow too. She said it was one of the best she's seen yet, she's going to send me pictures and I can post them here if I want. I'm looking forward to seeing that. She tried to post a comment on my blog but it didn't take. Problem with dial-up, things time-out on you and nothing you can do. Apparently some people in the Harbour have high speed, but you have to have a line of sight with Scot's Bay to get it. At the community supper the other night someone said they have a tower in Glenmont now, so if you've got a line of sight on that then you can get high speed that way. Too many trees blocking the lines of sight around here!

Just kidding...

After the walk I went to the Garden House to check the kayak and sand the parts that I epoxied yesterday. Looks not too bad. I could put the weatherstripping into the hatches, but I decided to wait for a dryer day, today is pretty wet.

I headed back to the house on my bike to get ready to go into town. I had one of my walking sticks with me and was holding it in one hand while I cycled. Dobby wanted to play with the stick, jumping at it and biting it, I let him do that. Coming around a corner, he kind of leaned into the stick and pushed me off balance. The bike fell over, I went flying off and into a mud puddle. I just lay there for a half minute, kind of waiting for the pain to subside a bit. Scraped up my hand, my elbow and my knee on the right side. But aside from the scrapes and being covered in mud, I was OK. At the house I washed the scrapes with peroxide and put some tea tree oil on them.

I went over to Mike and Ruth's to use the phone to call around to see where I might find a camera. Nothing really exciting came up, the one store that supposedly has a sale on is closed for renovation. And besides, I was starting to feel kind of wobbly anyway, decided that maybe going on a shopping spree was not the best idea right now. I did talk to Carolyn and we thought we'd go out for dinner so I will go into the Valley, just not right away.

There was a note at Mike's that he couldn't buy any stuff for me yesterday because it was a holiday and the stores were closed. Of course. I forgot about the holiday.

So now I have to plan another trip to the City. :-(

Yesterday Peter was saying that I could get creative with paint, make designs on the kayak. I was thinking about that overnight, thinking about what I could paint. And what colour. Paint does open up some possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Sorry about your tumble and hope all of those places aren't talking to you now.

Good luck finding an acceptable camera. Perhaps you broken camera can be fixed once you're in Toronto and the new one could become your back-up.

Hope you find all you need on your next shopping trip!

I'm enjoying following your journey!